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I'm a trainer!

August  19th, 2013
Last week Elder Grigor's companion ran away from the apartment. Elder Grigor was left alone for about half an hour until the Zone leaders came to get him. Then they began searching for his companion that left.
Well I’m sure everyone is wondering about what happened to my companion this week. So all Monday pretty much we were out looking for him in hotels and in the bus station and didn’t find anything!! We were up until 1 in the morning out looking for him. When I say we I mean me and the zone leaders because that’s who I stayed with. There is a picture of the little space I had all my stuff in. So ya Tuesday morning we obviously got up at 6:30 and worked out. hahaha. But ya all day we just did stuff for the zone like finances and going to the offices and stuff like that and really didn’t do much. It was kind of a little break for me because I just tagged along.
When we went to the offices me and one of the secretaries were talking about football. And they asked me who my favorite team was and I said I didn’t have one, well about half an hour later they had convinced me that I should start cheering for the Seattle Seahawks and well they made a contract and everything to make it legit. So as of now I am an official Seattle Seahawks fan and I will be needing updates from Justin on how they are doing this year. It was actually pretty funny and I didn’t think they were serious. I was wrong.
Then Wednesday (still not knowing where my comp is) we went to our house to clean it up a bit and pack up all the things he left behind in the house, then went back to the offices to pick up my new companion. It was funny because we went in the morning to the offices and I saw him there but I didn’t know he was my companion. Then at like 5 we went back and I found out he is my companion. His name is Elder C. from Cobija Bolivia. He is also waiting for his visa. So now all my companions have been waiting for their visa for Venezuela and all from Bolivia. Oh and you know how I said I would probably be training?? Well because of this whole frenzy I am now training!!! Usually the trainers get a meeting or something or training themselves on how to train but they just gave him to me and sent us off. So now I have a “son”. He is super awesome and had desires to go to work and likes to follow the rules so I am very happy about that and I think we are going to be a great companionship. This week was pretty difficult because we didn’t really have the whole week together to get lots done and the Urkupina festival in Quillacollo made it pretty tough to find people and teach but this next week should be much better. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to train and teach Elder C. I really just want to be the best example I can be for him and hope I can teach him from the little experience that I have. I’m sure I will be learning a lot more from him than he will from me. Oh and yes they found Elder S. he was with a friend in some small town outside of Cochabamba. His family came and picked him up the other day and now he is back from Santa Cruz.  I haven’t seen or talked to him since he escaped but I think he’s doing a little better. Well that was my week more or less, I hope you guys have a great week.  I will talk to you soon!! LOVE YOU ALL
Elder Grigor

He sent another story to his friend Clair and I got permission to put it up on the blog:

One cool experience that I had is the night my comp got here. We went out and taught one family and the dad was saying that before we started teaching he had to take a bunch of pills for his diabetes. Now that he is coming to church and we are teaching him he doesn't take his pills and he feels great!! Seriously the power of the gospel is so powerful if we have faith and keep the commandments, its amazing. I feel like I have so many spiritual moments on my mission but since they come every day and more often than before I just feel that its normal and all these awesome experiences are just part of every day life. I need to be better at trying to recognize and write down every single thing even if its little because I have seen the blessings and power of the gospel so often. Even if its just a day where I don't feel like leaving the apartment, then I say a little prayer and instantly feel better and just want to go out and help people. Its just the little things everyday that amaze me and sometimes I take for granted. I am so blessed and happy to be serving a mission right now and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.   
Elder Grigor became an official Seattle Seahawks Fan
His "official" contract
His tiny space while he was with the Zone Leaders
Elder Grigor and Elder C.
Hanging out with his new companion
Elder Grigor and his "son"
This picture was taken a few months ago when they went on the temple trip.
Elder Grigor was the first one I spotted- he felt like
he needed to tell me where he was, he probably doesn't
 realize a mom can spot her child out in a crowd anytime, anywhere!!!
" I'm front and center just in case you can't find me :)"


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