Thursday, 8 August 2013

Referrals are always the best!!

Elder Valda, Elder Grigor and Elder S.
Elder Grigor with his zone

Elder S., Cortez Family and Elder Grigor

Elder Grigor, Gonzalo, & Elder S.

Elder Grigor, Elder S. and the Cortez Family
* Sister Dyer sent the last picture to us. It was so nice of the Mission President's wife to send us a picture. Elder Grigor looks very happy in this picture.
Everyone has been asking me what I have been eating down here but honestly it hast been that weird, I had lamb the other day and that was really good! But for the most part we just eat rice, potatoes, and some kind of meat, that’s the usual thing we eat down here. I had Igado once (I think that’s how you spell it but that’s just liver) and I did not like that! But I really haven’t eaten anything too weird and I usually really like all the food. Some of the Bolivian food I’ve had is pique macho, charque, and a few more traditional things that I don’t remember but they’ve all been pretty normal.

I will tell you a little about my new companion. He does not speak any English but I speak enough Spanish that we understand each other. He’s been here one transfer longer than me in the field so he has a little more experience. He’s a good guy and his mission is Venezuela also, so he could be leaving sometime soon if his visa comes. I’m sure this transfer will be a good one I just need to get over a few problems I have with him. I’m not perfect and am sure I do things that annoy him but that’s part of the mission, you got to learn to deal with your companion no matter how much they might annoy or bug you.

So honestly this week as very rough for me, with the new comp and responsibilities and we didn’t have good numbers and I feel responsible for that. Since I know that area and the people, I’ve been deciding where we go and who we visit and how we use our time. I feel like I honestly tried my best to visit as many people as possible and to find new people to teach but nothing seemed to work out and either people didn’t want to listen or they were busy and not home, It was a frustrating week and I kind of feel like I failed a little bit. And the thing is I don’t know what I need to change or do better because I thought that I was trying my hardest to really set a good example for my new companion and nothing really worked out. But I’m optimistic for this next week and it should be pretty good.

I’m glad Sister Dyer sent that picture. That was the baptism of Gonzalo Cortez. He was a referral from Edwin who got baptized in June and he is super awesome, referrals are always to best!! It was great to have the President and Sister Dyer come to the baptism. I baptized him and the sister missionaries came and I guess they liked the way I baptized him and want me to baptize their investigators in two weeks. It was a great day and I feel so great every time I’m at a baptism.  I just feel the spirit so strongly and it makes me so happy to bring another child back to our heavenly father.

Remember Eli? Well at the same time we were teaching him we were teaching his two cousin Leefka and Dara (I think that’s how you spell it) but their mom wasn’t interested, and now all of the sudden she said that they could get baptized so were are going to baptize them this Saturday. I don’t know what changed her mind but I am happy for them and it should be a great day!!

Well I’m going to close this off now. I hope you guys have a great week and enjoy the rest of the family reunion. Say hi to everyone and thanks so much for the package that you sent, it got here on Saturday but we were fasting so I had to wait to eat some of the candy but it was soo good!!!! Thank you so much!!! Have a great week and I love you guys!!

Elder Grigor

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