Thursday, 19 September 2013

Sometimes it's the little moments that are the best!

Our Zone before Transfers
Elder Grigor with his new "son" Elder V.
Elder Grigor and Elder V. with a family that they are teaching.
Well first things first. I don’t know if Sister Dyer sent that picture of me and my new companion but yes I got another companion. 3 companions in less than a month and a half. Kind of crazy. Last Monday night they called and told me that I would be training again and my other companion is going to another area. So yes I am still in my same area and with my 4th companion. So now I have 2 sons. Well sort of, Elder V.  my new companion had one transfer in Peru waiting for his visa so I am finishing his training. He is from Lima, Peru and he is my first companion that isn’t from Bolivia waiting for their visa for Venezuela. He is a really great guy and I think we should have some success together.

Well not much happened this week, on Tuesday we kind of just went around and said goodbye to some of the members, then Wednesday all day I was in the meeting getting some training more or less and then met my new companion. Then the rest of the week we went out and worked and we actually had a pretty successful week. Nothing really major happened that I can think of right now but lots of little things happened that we really cool. Sometimes it’s the little ones that are the best. One for example we were just walking and going to an appointment and we saw a guy sitting on a stump who honestly looked kind of scary and I was just going to keep going because we had an appointment. But my companion stopped to talk to him and we ended up talking for about 45 minutes with him and then his wife came later and we started teaching her too. We were talking lots about the bible and he was agreeing with everything we were saying and said he believed in the same things.  Then I felt I should give him a Book of Mormon and explained that Christ came to the Americas also and that the Book of Mormon is proof of that. That changed the whole conversation and it looked like he about to cry and he said that he had been waiting to hear this. He had always thought that Christ came here as well but had never really had proof or no one had ever really talked about it. He was so grateful for that information and we are going to continue visiting him and teaching him even more. The best part is that when we went to the appointment they were busy and didn’t have time that day so if we would have kept going it would have been in vain and we would have missed this opportunity to share the gospel.
There are lots of times that happened in the mission and sometimes I don’t really realize it, we will be walking to an appointment and we end up talking to someone in the street and then when we go to the appointment they are busy. Also there are times I feel I should talk to someone but I don’t because we have an appointment and then when we go they are busy. So now I am really trying to just talk to everyone especially when I feel prompted to do so, because maybe it is that moment that the Lord had put them in our path to be able to hear the gospel, we never know. That’s the hard part too is that we never know, but we just have to go with our gut, it never hurts to try.
Well that’s pretty much it.  I love all the picture and I can’t wait to hear from you guys again, love you all and I’ll talk to you soon.

Elder Grigor

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