Friday, 27 September 2013

The Lord works in his own time.

Well I am almost at 6 months. Only 4 more days!!! Crazy how fast the time flies by. I can still remember opening up my call. That was almost a year ago too, crazy!! Oh so one little thing at the start, if you buy me some movies can you tell me which ones you are going to buy so I don’t buy them here. And one I would really like is the doctrine and covenants one. I like that for sharing with investigators and members. And ya that’s all I think.

Well this week... I will start with last Monday. So after internet we went to the Cancha which is a huge outdoor market where there sell almost everything and its super cheap, like it’s huge. Like 4 km square more or less, it’s huge, and super dangerous because people mug you there so we always have to go with a member so they protect us and we avoid the sketchy parts. So we went there and we were shopping then I started feeling sick, so I took the things I bought out of the bag and just started to walk around with the bag, then about 30 minutes later after walking with the bag I puked my brains out, it was so gross. It even came out my nose. That’s the first time that’s ever happened. They were some people nearby that were quite disturbed by that and said some means things but I didn’t care. But I felt quite better after I puked so I continued to have fun on P-day, but as we got back to the apartment I started feeling gross again so I laid on the bed and well I fell asleep at about 7pm until 9am the next day. It felt quite good. Then on Wednesday we had the area seventy come and give us a great message all day about how we can improve our areas and what we need to do to become more successful, it was great, I’d love to share all my thoughts and feelings about the conference but it would take a while. Then Thursday we had a baptismal interview with an investigator, well the pre interview so we went over everything that we had taught and everything was awesome, as we were leaving the door he said " oh by the way my mom said I have to wait to get baptized until she gets back" we thought maybe a week or so but she won’t be back in the country until next year. That was quite a disappointment and I was really discouraged because everything was going so well and he is 18 so he doesn’t even need permission. I was actually really upset. Because everyone says that obedience is the key to having success. Me and my companion have been getting along and following the rules and doing everything like we are supposed to and not seeing any results. And I don’t know why, even the people we think are great and going to get baptized fall through on us and we are losing investigators like crazy and its really getting frustrating.

BUT! I know that the Lord works in his own time and in his own ways and maybe this is just a little trial of our obedience, if we will keep being obedient even though we aren’t having success and not really getting the results that we want. There is a scripture in Mosiah 4:9 I think, it is where it says we don’t always understand the ways of the Lord. This is one of those times, it would be really nice just to get what I want when I want it, but sadly that’s not how life works, we need to be patient and just do the things we are supposed to and eventually the blessings will come.

I don’t know why I’m having lots of trials right now but I know that it’s for something and to make me stronger and know how to handle these situations and maybe help others in the future who will go through the same thing.  I don’t exactly know but what I do know is that it might not get better but it will get easier. If that makes sense.

And one of the pictures I’m sending is of cows. Why? Because I ate one of their tongues for lunch on Saturday, not very delicious, but I ate it because the members told us it was expensive.

Well that’s my week more or less. Oh and also a scripture I’d like to share is in Jeremiah 16:16. Read it and ponder it. Are we fishers or hunters? Waiting for people to come to us? Or going out and getting the job done?

Love you guys have a great week talk to you soon

Elder Grigor
Elder Grigor drinking "Mate" a herbal tea.
He says that it is really good
"Mate" - love the cup!
Elder Grigor ate cow tongue- " not so delicious"

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