Tuesday, 24 February 2015

See you in a few weeks!!!!!

Hey Family,

Well we had a crazy day today. We woke up at 4:15 am so we could go to a place called Incachaka ( I think that’s how you spell  it) and we left with the zone around 5:00 am in the morning and got there around 8 I think. It was really fun but the only bad part is that it was raining and we got really muddy but it was really fun. We got some pretty cool pictures. I didn’t take too many because it was raining a lot and then my camera stopped working for some reason but it’s good now and I got all the pictures I wanted. After we finished the little hike we came back and played soccer but soon it turned really muddy and we started to play mud soccer. I couldn’t take a picture but I wish you could have seen how muddy we were. But my friend is going to send me the picture. I will try to send it next week if he sends it to me. That was probably the best part of the day just watching people running around and falling in the mud, although I would have preferred to not have gotten all muddy but it was worth it I think, these opportunities don’t come around too often.

This week will be my last full week. I really just have this one and then like half of next week because then we have meetings and final going home things so my goal is to work really hard this week. We got home pretty late and I couldn’t do some of the things that I needed to but I wanted to write you guys and tell you about the day because it was really fun. I might not be able to write too much because our time is running out but anything I can’t tell you guys now I will tell you in a couple of weeks. I’m not too trunky but I think about it often. We want to work really hard this week and I just want to put all of my focus on that.

This last week was pretty tough. Like you know we were on lockdown Monday and Tuesday and on Thursday we had our zone conference which was great. I gave my “last testimony” with the rest of the people that are going home this transfer and that was pretty sad, that was one moment when I realized that it’s all coming to an end. We also watched Meet the Mormons in the zone conference and I loved it. I guess it will be coming out in theatres here in a couple of months also so that will be really cool. The part that got me trunky was when the family was saying goodbye to their son, but the way I saw it is how happy I will be when I see you guys again, I’m really excited. Still doesn’t feel too real though.

Well I am going to give it my all these last couple of week and I can’t wait to see you guys. 

Love you lots!!!

Elder Grigor

The Rainforest where they went for a hike 

Always 2 thumbs up! 

Elder Grigor with his companion 

Having fun on his last Zone activity 

A little blurry but still a great picture 

It was a wet rainy day

 He has had some amazing experiences in Bolivia

Happy to see his goofy side. 

I found this picture on the Bolivia Missionary Mom's Facebook page.
 Elder Grigor will be happy that we have a picture of his muddy soccer game. 
Looks like a ton of fun. 

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