Monday, 2 February 2015

I hope I can make a difference

Hey Fam,

Well I guess it’s time to write home, this week went by pretty well. I’m getting along well with my companion Elder Noriega. It’s actually pretty hard to be with a white guy because we just want to speak in english the entire time because we’ve never had companions who speak english so it’s pretty fun. We are going to try and get better though and try to talk in Spanish more. I like my new area and the ward is really cool, they all seem pretty great. The only thing I don’t like is that they always ask me how much time I have left and then when I tell them they just think I’m trunky and already have finished my mission. So what I want to do is work really hard and prove them wrong haha. My area is really big and we have to take cars to go everywhere which I didn't have to do at all in Sucre when I was there because my area was so small. My new district leader is Elder Jafek, he is from San diego from the same ward as Mike and Misty. There are always weird connections like that in the mission. Everything is just going great. 

I really like just having no responsibilities and being able to dedicate all my time to the work. I feel like I tried my best as a zone leader but there were always little things that had to be done. Now we are going to focus fully on the work. I feel like the area is kind of in a slump and we don't really have many investigators. We spent most of the week getting referrals and trying to contact them which took away from teaching time but I feel that it worked.  It’s a lot more effective than knocking on doors. We got tons of references from the members and they are really supporting us. I think this week will be even better. Now that I am a little more comfortable with the area and the members I think we will be a lot more effective in how we work this week. I really just want to finish the best that I can and leave this area the best its ever been. Maybe it's a really high goal but I am at least going to try my best. 

I think I am working and teaching better than ever and I am really happy about that. I really hope that I can make a difference here in the short time that I have left and leave it in great shape for the new missionary that comes next transfer. 

I think I finally have all of my pictures chosen for the mission slideshow so I will go through those and get that finished up. I think I am going to buy a new suit today too. Well at least get measured so that it will be ready in a couple of weeks. 

Love you family

Elder Grigor 

**The first three pictures are from Christmas. Elder Grigor hasn't been able to send picture home for a few weeks. 

Elder Grigor loves to eat.

A sunset and two thumbs up! 

For Christmas we put a scripture reference on each little present.
Elder Grigor had to look up the scripture, read it and make 
guess before he could open the present. The scripture reference
 went along with the gift that he opened.

For the toothbrush he had to look up Amos 4:6." And I 
also have given you cleanness of teeth in all your cities.." 

Saying goodbye to the members in Sucre

"They made cake and pizza for my little going away/birthday party" 

  It's a tradition in Bolivia to crack eggs and dump flour over the birthday person
I am not sure we will continue this tradition for him when he gets home!

"The members in Sucre had a little goodbye party for me and an early 
birthday party. I just left the shirt in Sucre, there was no way I was 
going to clean it. haha!" 

"My new area is out in the middle of nowhere. It's pretty far from the city"

"My companion-He doesn't really like taking pictures, he was like me, but I will change him!" 

"All of the garbage that I threw out of the house"

" The disgusting sink. I cleaned it though" 

"My side of the room. I think it's the cleanest part of the house. 
It was pretty gross but it's better now" 

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