Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Blessed to be in an amazing area!

Baptism of Alejandro (my first !!!)

Elder Grigor & Alejandro just out of the font

 The husband of our Pensionista.
The zone leaders baptized him.

                         This is my Pensionista and all of her family. All
                         4 Elders eat at her house, Elder knight is leaving
                           for Potosi and Elder Valda is going to Sucre.

      We made donuts for the baptism, they were delicious!!!!

 The zone leaders decided to redecorate our bathroom :)

It was Cambio night last night so we had
 a sleep over at the zone leaders house.

Elder Grigor eating popcorn -yum!!

Elder Valda and Elder Grigor

 End of the month breakfast :(

So the first big news is that we had transfer last night. Well we got notified of our transfers. We had a big sleep over in the zone leader’s house and they told us all together it was really fun. Elder Valda is going to Sucre and I am staying in Colcapirhua but I’m not going to be training like every told me I was. My new companion will be Elder S. from Bolivia. He has one transfer more than me in the mission so were both pretty new. I’ll be senior comp because I know the area and the investigators. He will get here on Wednesday I think. I kind of wanted to train but I know that this is for the best and I’m looking forward to having a new companion and learning lots more!!

So this week was really good, I had my first baptism this Saturday which was awesome!! His name is Alejandro and he is 16 years old. It’s kind of a cool story, we went to a recent convert’s house and before we left I remembered what the missionaries did when they came to our house. They asked us to think of some names or friends and pray about them and invite them to church and to listen to the missionaries. I decided to try that here and asked them to think of some names and when we came back we would ask how it went with talking to their friends. The one sister had talked to lots and the other said that no one wanted to listen and they didn’t care and she was a little discouraged. That Sunday the sister who had talked to lots of friends had no success in bringing them to church but the younger sister brought Alejandro.  And now about a month later he is baptized as a member of the church and we are working with his parents and siblings. His siblings have come a few times and his parents both have baptism dates and everything is going well with them. I am very excited for this family and for the faith and diligence of the members of the ward to fellowship and invite their friends to church.

The baptism just went so well. The water was warm (first time since I’ve been here) and the bishopric actually came to welcome him into the ward and everything went so well!! And this next Saturday we have another baptism of Gonzalo. Edwin; my second baptism invited him one time to church and to listen to the missionaries and just like Alejandro now he is going to get baptized. Inviting friends really is the best way to bring people to the gospel. One thing I remember from that missionary broadcast is that it’s the member’s job to find and invite people and it’s the missionary’s job to teach. It honestly makes the work so much easier and effective, I know it’s hard, but every baptism I’ve had has been a reference or friend and the ward has helped a ton. I’m truly blessed to be in such an amazing area right now and I’m so happy to be on my mission. I am learning so much and I’m excited to continue learning more and more everyday. Love you all!!!

Elder Grigor

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