Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sometimes we are the planters...and other times the harvesters.

Well, another one bites the dust. So I was sick all this week, not too bad just a super bad cough and runny nose and it just drained me so bad! This may have been one of the week’s where I have been the most tired but I’m feeling better now. This week just seemed to fly by too, I don’t know why it seemed so fast but it seems I was just writing you guys. I love all the pictures and the cabin is looking awesome, I’m so excited to be able to be able to hang out there with the fam. 

This week was quite busy with activities, it was the birthday of one elder and a sister so we had a little birthday celebration with them then somehow it turned into a water fight, luckily we left before it got too crazy. We also did a bunch of service this week. First we started by helping a family move all of their furniture out of the living room then we had to break up their concrete floor. I’m not exactly sure why but we did, and we only had mini sledgehammers to break up the floor, so we just smashed the floor with hammers for like 4 hours to break up the floor. Doesn’t seem like the most effective way but were in Bolivia the construction here is a lot different. Later I think we are going to help them break down the walls and the roof too, it should be pretty fun. 

We had a pretty good week teaching and finding wise, with Elder V. we have been finding and teaching more people than I have my whole mission. He is a great missionary and we are really trying to be the best that we can be, and were doing pretty good. The only thing is that no one comes to church. They accept baptism dates and say they will come but they never show up, it’s kind of frustrating. Because we are having success in certain areas but in other parts no. But that’s all part of the mission I guess, there are some parts where we don’t have success in certain areas. Something my companion shared with me is that sometimes we are the planters and other times we are the ones who harvest. Right now we are doing a lot of planting and I’m ok with that because maybe one day they will realize the importance of what we’re teaching. Right now we are planting a lot of seeds, hopefully one day they will be harvested. 
 And I don’t know what just happened but I just deleted all my pictures from my camera, and honestly I’m quite upset and I have no idea how that happened. I was trying to attach some pictures and something got messed up, then I put my card in the camera and they are all gone. I have no idea what happened. 

Well one great experience that happened this week is that we were at a baptism and we had invited tons of investigators but none of them showed up to the baptism. That was kind of disappointing because it was a great experience and I wish they could have been there for that. So afterwards I was a little discouraged, it was about 7:30pm and we were going to go to dinner at 8. I thought about just going straight there and ending the day a little early, but then I remembered of a women who sells hamburgers like 5 minutes away from the church who wanted us to come visit her, so we decided to go to see if she was there. As we were walking to where she sells we noticed that all the lights on the street were out and it was a lot darker than normal, we thought it was really weird why the street lights were out. And of course as we arrived at the place she wasn’t there because it was almost pitch black and the I was really thinking to just go to dinner because it was dark and we could barely see. So as we turned around we saw a guy sitting on a rock that we have passed before and hadn’t seen him. We only saw him because of the light from his phone on his face. So then we decided to go over and talk to him. He said he was just sitting outside doing nothing because there was more light outside from the passing cars than in his house. He said he would love to hear our message, so then and there in the dark we taught him about the restoration. It was quite a different experience. Its times like these where it really makes me awe at how things happen sometimes. If we hadn’t have looked for the hamburger lady we wouldn’t have found this guy. If the lights wouldn’t have gone out he would have still been in his house. Everything just worked out perfectly for us to find this guy and that moment. It was really quite awesome. 

Well that was my week more or less, I loved hearing from you guy sand I hope you have an awesome week. Love you all

Elder Grigor


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