Tuesday, 3 December 2013

I'm being transferred to Uyuni

December 2nd, 2013

Well the moment you’ve all been waiting for....... I’m being transferred. I guess 7 months in my area was long enough. And where you might ask?? Just a little place called Uyuni. Which is about probably about 8 hours or so of traveling to get there. It’s a little town far away from Cochabamba. I kind of knew a week ago because my old zone leader is now an assistant and he told me about a week ago. But it wasn’t for sure and I thought he might have been joking but it’s true. I’m being exiled. There are only 4 missionaries where I’m going, the next closest are about 4 hours away I think. We are off in a little village by ourselves. It’s an awesome little place too, I remember Justin showed me a picture of the Uyuni salt flats before I left and when it rains it looks like a mirror, I always said to myself that I wanted to go there but I didn’t think I would actually have the opportunity. I don’t know too much about it yet, I know that my companion will be Elder C. but I don’t know much about him. Also I’m travelling basically all day tomorrow, I leave early in the morning I think. I’m going to take a plane to Sucre and then a bus to Uyuni, I think, they haven’t really told me anything yet. I’m going to be the junior companion, I have a little bit more time than him but he knows the area so I think he’s the senior comp. I guess one transfer as district leader was good enough, but that’s fine with me. What else can I tell you, I heard that 3 times a week then travel to a place called Atocha to proselyte, they wake up at 4 in the morning and get home at 11 at night. I guess I’ll find out for sure this week. There are so many things that I am excited to find out and do. It seems like a really awesome place. Also the Dakar rally is going to go through Uyuni in January so I will be there for that which will be awesome. I got sent there at the perfect time. It might be a lame Christmas though. I hope they at least have internet so that I can Skype you guys at Christmas but if not for sure there will be phones. I can’t really think of anything else, I’m just kind of typing random about what I know, if you have any other questions just ask me. Oh and it’s good that I didn’t get my packages yet because I have no room in my suitcase for anything I might have to leave some things to stay within the weight restriction.  But they will get to me before Christmas. They should come in the next couple of weeks and we will have a zone conference in Potosi before Christmas so they will probably bring my stuff down then. 

I’m really excited to have a transfer, I love my area and my companion but it will be nice to have a little change. Well actually it will be a big change, but it’s going to be awesome, I kind of didn’t want to leave Cochabamba before Christmas so that I would be able to go to the temple and be here for Christmas but I know there is a work for me down in Uyuni and I’m excited for the new adventure. It’s going to be really fun. I’m sure it will be hard at first getting used to my new area and companion but change is part of the mission and I guess I should just get used to it. It’s just hard because I’ve been here my whole mission, I’ve gotten close to the members, the others missionaries, my companion, just everything. It will be weird going to a place where there aren’t many members or missionaries. We will just kind of be isolated from the world. That will be fun though. 

I had a great week with my companion, I was kind of expecting that I would be transferred and he did too so we tried to have a great final week together and we did. I’m so grateful for the opportunity I have had to have Elder V. as my companion. I don’t want to pick favorites but I think I have worked most effectively and most happy with him as my companion. We had a lot of success together, maybe not in baptisms but in growth and knowledge and I know that was the purpose for us to be together. I have learned so much from him and it will be sad to leave but I know he is capable of marvelous things here in the area and he will do great with his new companion. He is going to train so I will have my first grandchild!!! I’m excited for that and for this area, it will be awesome to have 2 more sisters in the ward too, I know that the ward will be helped so much from them. Although it is a little sad to leave I know that everything will be great and I have high hope for what comes next. This has been an amazing place to start my mission and I couldn’t be more grateful, I’m optimistic for what comes next. 

There have been so many great experiences and I can’t wait for the many more that are to come. I will make sure to keep you guys updated on everything, I’m sure there will be a lot.

Love you lots, can’t wait to hear from you. 

Love Elder Grigor


"This is the new place we moved into. We walked in the
 door the other day and there was a big cow waiting to greet
us. That was an interesting experience. Only in Bolivia."

"We also found 80 bolivianos on the ground this week.
That was awesome because I was down to 20 bolivianos
 for the whole week then we found this and split the money." 

"We went bowling again and I scored 155. I'm getting better."
"My son and my great grandpa. Elder G. is going home
 this week, he trained the trainer of my trainer. He was the  
only one missing in the family photo the other week. He was
here in this ward and he came to say good bye to everyone."
Elder Grigor with his "great grandpa" and his "son" 

"We went back to the apartment after moving in the
 morning to finish a few things and I made pancakes."

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