Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Internet troubles can be frustrating!

November 11th, 2013

Elder Grigor was having internet troubles and had to send his email in the subject line. This is all that managed to come through:

So it wouldn’t let me write in the email for some reason so I am writing in Microsoft Word and I will try and copy and paste it in. Sometimes being in Bolivia is really frustrating. Things just don’t work the same here. When I come home it will be like going back to the future, seriously. But I just got to live with it I guess. Thanks for the packages, I’m looking forward to getting them, it will probably be about 3 weeks I think before I get them, that’s how long it usually takes. I hope the one I sent gets there in a decent amount of time. Well we had a pretty good week this week, being district leader isn’t really that different, the only thing I do is collect the numbers of the district and give a class for an hour on Tuesdays, which I love!! Teaching is fun, I don’t know if my classes are the best but I really like giving them. Sorry I wasn’t able to send a lot of pictures, I had switched memory cards to download some pictures then forgot I had the other card and when we switched all th.....

I had to send it in the subject because internet isn’t working properly, I hope it all gets there.
Then the next week I told him that it didn't come through properly and he sent me the email that he had sent to his mission president that had some details of his week. This is what he sent:

We had a great experience this week. We were heading to an appointment and we were late so I was walking pretty fast and determined to make it there quickly. We passed a guy on the street and I said hi but I wasn’t even thinking about stopping to talk to him. We passed by and my companion suggested we should stop and talk to him. I wasn’t too thrilled at the idea but we turned around and went and talked to him. It was kind of crazy, after about 3 minutes we invited him to be baptized and he said yes. He even said he was going to come to church and bring his family also. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to make it this Sunday but were counting on him coming next week. And of course when we went to the appointment they weren’t home. That’s how it always happened, when there is a prompting to stop and talk to someone its always for a reason, sometimes I’m a little too focused on making it to the appointment and I lose the opportunity to talk to someone that has been put in my path for a reason. I’m grateful that my companion was listening and ready to respond. I am learning a lot from him and I’m so grateful that he’s my companion. We are getting along great and doing some good work and planting a ton of seeds. I hope soon we will be able to harvest them. If not then the next set of missionaries, or the next set, only the Lord knows. I am really happy in the work right now and I’m a learning so much!!

Elder Grigor with a little bird-
looks like he got a little something on his shirt
Random picture that Elder Grigor sent- kind of gross.
Elder Grigor having fun on p-day
I think he is practising so that he can beat his Dad one day.

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