Tuesday, 3 December 2013

This really is the time to hasten the work of salvation

November 25th, 2013

Whaaduup Padres!!

Another great week in lovely Colcapirhua! It’s crazy how fast this transfer has gone by. Only one week more and there are transfers crazy!! And my zone leader is going up to be the assistant so he was doing the transfers this weekend with the assistants and from what it sounds like I will be leaving my area this transfer. And probably somewhere far away. That’s if what he was telling me is true. I don’t know where I’m going yet but I know that I will be leaving. But nothing is official yet and that could change. But if I stayed in my area for one more transfer I would honestly be quite shocked.

The mission is growing like crazy though!!! When I got here there were less than 200 and were getting close to 300 missionaries now. They are splitting my area this transfer and bringing sisters in. There are tons that are coming its crazy. Now there will be 6 missionaries in our ward. The ward is going to grow a lot in these next couple of months. But I probably won’t be here. I want my companion to train though so I can have a grandson. He’s really a great missionary. There are a few things that he does that bug me but oh well. At least when I’m married I’ll be allowed to leave and take a little alone time. Living with someone 24/7 can be difficult sometimes. But I would really like to stay with him for one more transfer I am learning so much from him. 

I am always learning from my companion. Last Monday after a long p-day I was really tired and just wanted to get to our appointments and not have to walk anymore. I don’t know why but I am always more tired on p-day’s. So we went to our first appointment and they weren’t home, we went to our back up plan and they also weren’t there. We went to a few less actives and other investigators but they also weren’t there. After about half an hour of trying to find someone to teach we just decided to start making our way to our next appointment. We had a FHE with the Stake President and the zone leaders but when we got there the zone leaders hadn’t shown up yet so I said we will just wait for them to show up. My companion had another idea though. He wanted to go contact in the park while we waited, I wasn’t super excited of the idea and just wanted to sit for a bit and wait but we went and contacted. We ended up teaching two lessons in the park with 8 new investigators in the half hour that we waited. That really taught me a lesson that we don’t have time to wait around in this work. There is always somewhere to be and always someone to talk to. This really is the time to hasten the work of salvation. I’m so grateful for a companion who is helping me understand this principle more and more every day. I couldn’t ask for anything better. 

This mission is great, I love Bolivia, I love the people, I love my companion, and I love everything that I am learning. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!!

I love you guys so much, I’m excited to talk to you guys, don’t worry it won’t distract me, I hope they send me somewhere that I can use Skype. Only a few more weeks. Thanks for everything, have a great week!!

Elder Grigor
"We had to take some cool pictures to send to
Sister Dyer for a presentation at the zone
conference so I went to the same spot and
 took some more pictures with my companion."

My companion cut his finger open on the door. 
He got about 8 stiches.

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