Monday, 13 January 2014

Grateful for forgiveness

Hello Padres, 

Well this week was absolutely crazy!! I’m going to start with Monday. So we went to the salt flats and it was absolutely amazing. I got some awesome pictures and we really had a great time. I would love to come here with you guys one day, with water it just looks amazing. From January to april there is water in the salt flats and it just looks incredible I was kind of blown away. We just had a great day there going to the salt hotel, and just hanging out, it was a beautiful day too. At least while we were there, but as we were coming back in the afternoon it started to get a little cloudy.  Then the biggest hail storm came through as we were coming back. Here in Uyuni there is no way for the water to escape so the street just got filled up and it was super fun all week to walk through the mud. Some streets we had to avoid because they were completely filled. And when we got back to the hotel we found out that the roof had partly caved in due to the weight of the hail that built up on the roof. The roof is made of kind of a plastic sheet so its not that strong. Then a ton of water came in so as we got home we helped clean up and take all the water out. That was about 2 hours of cleaning, it was lots of water but we got it all cleaned and fixed up. 

The rest of the week was pretty normal until about Saturday and Sunday. We had a good week teaching and finding. One day we helped unload 1500 boxes of Pringles and  noodles into the super market beside our hotel. That was fun! But really me and my companion weren't really getting along that well this week. Actually this whole transfer has been one of the hardest in that aspect, and I was kind of hoping that this transfer we would have a change. We got in a big argument this week and I was really quite angry, then I don’t even remember how the situation changed but we just got into a deep conversation and really just expressed our feelings. We just really worked out all the problems that we had been having and at that moment I was just really grateful for forgiveness. We both had some bad feelings towards one another but the power of forgiveness really brought us closer together and I’m really grateful to have him as my companion. I was kind of scared of transfers and I didn't want him to go or to have a change. I was quite glad when we found out we would be staying together. I feel like I have a transfer to make up for what I did wrong this last one. This situation reminded me a lot of the atonement and how if we go to the Lord to work out our problems he will provide us with peace and comfort whether it is something big or something small. He’s promised that if we go to him our burdens will be made light and I know that it’s true. 

When Saturday and Sunday came it was just tough to do anything. There were tons of tourists and they set up huge stages and were just playing music all night. My companion loved it and he was standing in the window listening until about 2am in the morning but I was just exhausted and just slept through it. Sunday in the afternoon is when Dakar came through but we tried to stay pretty far away to not get distracted. We really didn't get to see too much and as we walked by there were just way too many people to be able to see anything. I didn't really take any pictures or anything but it was cool with all the excitement that came with it. The guys racing in the Dakar got here and went right to the army training camp thingy to park their bikes and sleep. They got up at about 5:00 this morning to leave. We were thinking about waking up early to see them leave but I was tired and didn't wake up haha. So I really didn't see much of Dakar but it was just cool to be here and see all the stuff going on. 

Well that was my week, oh and Elder G. is leaving to Cochabamba and Elder R. is coming. So now I will be the only white guy here. Monday writing to you guys will be the only time that I speak english. And that’s just in my head, not even out loud. I’ll probably forget some words. It will be a long time until I speak English again. Well I’ll talk to you guys soon. 

I love you lots Mom and Dad.

Have a great week

Elder Grigor

The train cemetery in Uyuni, Bolivia

The Salt Flats in Uyuni, Bolivia 

Wearing his favourite shirt that he got for Christmas
 "Work hard, Nap hard, JACK!" 

Water on the salt flats. Breathtaking!


Some statue made out of Salt. 

Elder Grigor and his companion at the Salt Hotel 

Such a cool picture 

Elder Grigor's salty, burnt feet- he forgot to put sunscreen on his feet. 

The hail from the storm that went through Uyuni. 

Hail on the rooftops

Elder Grigor trying to walk around the puddles of water in the streets

Making S'mores

Tons of Pringles 

Elder Grigor with the usual 2 thumbs up! 

Waving the Bolivian flag. Love the colours in this picture

El Gringo: Looks like he will be the only one for awhile.
The sole Canadian in Bolivia

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