Tuesday, 28 January 2014

God knows the desires of our hearts

January 20th, 2014

Hello family
Well this week just flew by! It feels like I was just writing you guys, this week was a pretty good week with a few surprises. One surprise is that I’m a district leader again. They didn’t tell me last Sunday with the transfers, they told me like 2 days later, kind of just a “by the way you’re district leader.” It’s ok with me, I like being district leader, it’s kind of fun to have a little bit more responsibility. Also another surprise that they didn’t tell us on transfer night is that my companion is leaving to his mission in a couple of weeks. They called us on Thursday saying that his visa is ready so he went us to La Paz Thursday and Friday to do some paper work and get everything ready. He could be leaving as early as this Friday but they haven’t really told us anything exact. I have no idea who or when I will get a new companion but I kind of don’t want to. We are finally getting along and then he gets his visa, kind of frustrating, it’s got to be for something though.  
This week we also had a lot of food fights, I will send pictures next week because we are in Tupiza and I forgot to bring my little gadget to send pictures. But when it’s someone’s birthday or when a missionary is leaving an area its normal to throw eggs on their head and then throw flour all over them. So that’s what our pensionista did to elder G. before he left and then thought it would be really funny to get the rest of us. So in the end we all ended up covered in eggs and flour and the house was just kind of a mess but it was really fun and quite funny actually. 
A cool little story that happened to me this week. So I was kind of sad that I didn’t buy a Dakar shirt. I was always waiting until Dakar came to buy one because I knew there would be a lot more to choose from. But when Dakar came I was trying to stay busy and not waste my time buying things. I just told myself I will wait until Monday to go shopping and buy stuff. Well, Monday came and there was nothing left. Everything had been wiped out and I was kind of bummed about that. I really wanted a shirt to remind me of Dakar. I was kind of sad about that but I was getting over it. When we went to Atocha this weekend a member asked me what size I am. She works for the town and I guess they had a bunch of extra shirts left over. So she went and got one for me and my companion and it was like Christmas I was so happy. I know that God lives and knows the desires of our hearts, even the little ones like a Dakar shirt. 
Well this week we went out to San Cristobal to meet a few of the members that are living out there. It’s actually quite a big mine. There are about 1500 employes that work and live up by the mine and then another 1000 or so that live about 5 km away in the town. We had a great time out there meeting some of the members. They really come from all over Bolivia and they are 3 from Utah that are there working. What they are doing now is just having small sacrament meetings when they can. They work 24/7 from 7 in the morning until 7 at night and have a 2 hour break in the middle of the day. So that is when they hold their sacrament meetings on Sunday. As of now they are 6, and they think there are more who are members but just don’t know that they are having meetings. It was really great to see the faithfulness of the members out there and their desire to have sacrament meetings. 
Now we are in Tupiza, we came down for p-day and to have a zone meeting tomorrow. I’ll make sure to send lots of pictures next week. Thanks for the pictures and the letters. I hope everyone gets well soon. Love you lots!!

Elder Grigor

Cool church in San Cristobal 

Elder Grigor up on the church 

Members from Highland, Utah  that live near the mine

Another member from Logan, Utah that lives near the mine

Elder Grigor beside a sacred rock 
Elder Grigor cooking
Elder Grigor with members in Atocha and his companion

Elder Grigor with his Dakar shirt 

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