Wednesday, 1 January 2014

I got my Christmas Package :)

First things first. I GOT THE PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!! 

So yesterday the president and his wife and the assistants came down to Atocha for a little visit, I was secretly hoping that they would bring my package down but I wasn’t sure. When I first saw them they didn't say anything, we went through all of church and then we were packing up to go home and there wasn't much room so we had to organize a bit. There was one big bag of things and Sister Dyer didn't know what it was so she opened it up and it was christmas presents!!!! And my package was in there!!! Oh that made me so happy you have no idea. I really needed that. Thursday after talking to you guys it was totally normal and I was just feeling normal. I was looking for an opportunity to serve and lots of appointments fell through, however we were able to find a less active member and teach him a lesson. We offered to help him plaster his wall but he said we would get too dirty. But we had a great lesson with him. Other than that we weren't able to find anyone else, they were all pretty busy. Friday and Saturday were hard days for me, that’s when I was thinking most about home and what’s going on, my package and just being homesick. But then getting my package on Sunday kind of fixed all of that and honestly right now I feel normal again like back into missionary life and how I was before. I really think getting that package helped a lot. And I loved it!!!!!! The shirt and the pen from the ward, the candy, the tons of hot chocolate, the movies, just all of it. Thanks so much, it really meant a lot and I’m super grateful for everything. Please tell the ward thank-you for the pen. I love it, it’s my favourite pen. Just what I always wanted!!!! You guys are the best.

Well I loved talking to you guys this week, it meant so much to me. I loved talking to all of you guys and finally meeting Cole more or less haha. He’s a great guy and I’m happy he’s gonna be my future brother- in- law. They are gonna be great together I know it. Hearing from everyone was just awesome, I can't wait until we do it again!!! Well I guess I can. I just loved all of it so much. 

I’m glad my SD card works, I was kind of worried about that but I’m glad you guys have it now and the videos. I don’t even remember what videos are on there. Just the talent show and when we went up on the mountains right??

Well this week was just awesome, talking to you guys, having the president come down to visit and I was also able to have a great interview with him. He’s really a great mission president, I’ll miss him when he leaves next year. He also told us that we are going to start to go to Atocha a little bit less. Now we are only going to go on Saturday and stay there overnight and come back sunday. We won’t be going on Wednesday anymore and we won’t be taking the train anymore:(  Just bumpy busses the whole time but thats ok. 

It was great to have the president and the assistants come down this weekend. The members were really appreciative and I know that they were blessed and strengthened. I’m excited to continue working with them and helping Atocha and Siete Suyos grow just a little bit more. And then we can have a chapel here in Uyuni. Right now that is one of my main desires. I want to do all I can so that we can have a chapel here in Uyuni and give these members a beautiful building to meet in. Who knows maybe even made out of salt?? haha. I’m so grateful to be here and help out in anyway that I possibly can. I have already grown and learned so much in my short amount of time here. I know that the experiences that I am having here are not only blessing the lives of the people are but also the lives of the my family and myself. I am growing more and more everyday and I’m so happy to be here. I hope I can be an influence for good in the lives of these members. I know with obedience and relying on the Lord that anything is possible.

Thanks for making my week awesome and one of the best ever. I love you guys so much and all that you do for me. Hope you all have a great week.

Love you lots

Elder Grigor

Plaza in Atocha on Christmas Eve 

Opening Christmas Presents - this was only part of Elder Grigor's
 Christmas packages. The main one didn't show up until this week. 

Seeing something from Canada and getting really excited 

My Christmas Package came!!! So glad it finally showed up. 

The Christmas package with letters from home, the conference Ensign, 
a missionary book and lots of hot chocolate packets and treats. 

One of his favourite gifts- a shirt with Uncle Si's face
on it with the phrase: Work Hard, Nap Hard Jack! 

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