Sunday, 20 April 2014

I used my new socks for nothing!

April 14th, 2014 

hello padres!!!

Well I have some bad news, my memory card got a virus and it did the same thing as before and erased all the pictures I think. There is a guy in my zone that said he knows how to fix it though so I’m going to try and do that today. There is also another guy who has a ton and said he would just give me a new one. It’s not a big deal because I only started using that one when I first got here to Villa Graciela so I don’t have too many pictures but I’m going to try and recover them. So that kind of sucks because I couldn't take any pictures this week but I should be able to soon. 

But ya other than that I had a pretty good week. It was pretty busy though. Tuesday was pretty normal and we didn't have much time to work going off to the offices and what not. But ya it was pretty good. Wednesday was the only real day that we were able to go out and work all day. We didn’t really have much success though. Lots of appointments were falling through and we were kind of disappointed until a young man in the ward names Jonny called us and said that he wanted us to come over, what we didn’t know is that he invited 5 of his friends over to hear the gospel. So we were able to teach a bunch op his friends about the restoration and they all really enjoyed it and one even came to a baptism that the other elders had on saturday. It was awesome, because our whole day was just kind going lame and thanks to him it all turned around. 

The next day my comp woke up in pain because he tried to take out an ingrown toenail the night before and screwed up his toe so we had to go to the clinic so that they could take out his toenail so that was fun. After that he had to rest for the rest of the day and the next so that his toe could heal so we weren’t able to go out and work which kind of sucked. I just want to go out and work but it’s kind do hard when my companion keeps getting sick, but now he’s finally better, the only problem is that he goes home in 5 weeks so he’s really trunky and sometimes it’s hard to get him focused and to keep the rules but it’s going alright.

This week was honestly just pretty tough, we had lots of appointments fall through and with my companion not being able to walk for a few days kind of made things difficult. I guess every week can’t be great but it just gives me the desire to work even harder this week to find those people that we can find and prepare them for baptism. I know that everything will get better this week and that we will be able to complete our goals. I’m changing a lot in that aspect, at the beginning of my mission if we didn’t complete our goals I just kind of moved on and focused on the next week but now I’m actually sad when we don’t meet our goals and when I don’t meet my personal goals and makes me want to work even harder to complete them the next week. I don’t know if I actually met all my goals in a week before. It may sound weird but my goal is to meet all my goals for once. And then keep doing it consistently. 

Well the mission is going good, and going fast, the time is flying by. I have lot of hope for our area, there are lots of people who are prepared to hear the gospel, my companion just has to stop getting injured so that we can go out and teach them, but I have no complaints, everything happens for a reason. 

So a random story about socks. Dads present for his b-day made me think of something, I don’t know if I told you guys or not. So the zone leader conference in March my comp sent some clothes with the zone leaders to the elder who was here before me. He didn’t have room in his suitcase so he left a bunch of stuff. So anyways my comp got all his stuff and put it in a bag and what I didn’t know was that he put my socks in By mistake. All of them except for the pair that I was wearing, so I didn’t have socks so about a week. But I called the elder and he said he would send them back in the mail or with the president because he was down at that time so I thought I would just wait and I wore the same socks all week hoping they would come back soon and not wanting to use a new pair of socks. But they didn't come, then the next week the same thing, I waited but they didn't come. I waited for about a month (washing my socks once a week) hoping that the next week they would come. I finally gave in and used a couple new pairs of socks and the elder just called me saying that my socks showed up and now he’s finally sending them back. So I used my new socks for nothing. Anyways that’s my sock story, I’m definitely my dad’s son. 


Elder Grigor

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