Sunday, 27 April 2014

We got to go to the TEMPLE!

April 21, 2014 

Hello Ya’ll

Well this week was much better. We got to go to the TEMPLE!!! That was my favourite part of the week, I finally got to go after about 6 months, it made me appreciate it a lot more and it will probably be about 3 months at least before I go again unless they send me out of Cochabamba. But I’ll be here for at least one more transfer after my companion leaves, probably two, and then who knows. But the temper was great, we had to be there at 6 am so we woke up really early but it was totally worth it. Then we had a little zone conference after, which was also great. I just love being with all the missionaries and with the president. It was a good time. When we got home my companion was complaining about a sprained ankle and how it hurt to walk so we had to stay in the house the rest of the day, I wasn’t too happy about that but oh well, it had to be done. The rest of the week we were able to work normally and we had a great time. 

This week was great because we worked a lot with the members. And the work was a lot more effective, they we able to introduce us to less actives that we didn’t know and many of their friends who are interested in the gospel. We just need to find the way to work with them all the time, it’s kind of hard when they are all working but it’s going well. There was one reference we had received from a member who used to live in England and apparently knew me somehow. I was trying for the life of me to figure out who it was or where they lived but I had no idea. Finally through asking around a member was able to take us and we found him. I couldn’t figure out how he knew me until his daughter walked out and it was a girl who we had been talking with weeks ago. I guess she had told her dad about us because he knew a lot about us. We started speaking in english and he told me that he had lived in England for about 15 years working and that he went to our church often and really liked what they taught but never got baptized. He was really excited that we came to his house because he wants his family to learn about the church also. I know that the Lord is always preparing people in different ways, and everyone has their own time, hopefully this will be his time!!

For Easter this week we didn’t really do much, the tradition here is to just eat a lot of food. So on friday we ate lunch and I was stuffed from that, then another sister gave us about 3 plates of food. We were dying, then we went to another house and they gave us another full plate of food. We tried to say no but they wouldn’t let us. It was tough. I was so full that day that I didn’t eat dinner and I don’t think I ate the next morning. I was so stuffed it was ridiculous!! 

This morning we decided to get up early to hike to mountain behind where we live. We left at 4 am and got back at 9 am. A member said it was really cool so we went up with him really early. It was pretty fun but right now I’m really tired. But it was worth it. What else did i do... 

There are many more things but I’m running out of time, I hope you all liked my package, I’m really glad it made it safe and sound. I was worried because it was just in paper but it seems like it got there safely. Hope you all like it.

Love you lots

Elder Grigor

Elder Grigor outside the temple 

Early morning hike up the mountain 

Always posing! 

Elder Grigor- love this hat. 
It's becoming a feature in a lot of pictures.

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