Monday, 7 April 2014

Spent my 1 year like a king

March 31, 2014 


Hey y’all, hows it going eh?

Well my week was quite interesting, I’ll start from the beginning. So remember how last Sunday I told you guys that my companion just slept all day because he wasn't feeling well? Well soon you'll know why. So Tuesday was normal and we were able to leave and teach a few lessons, but then we had to go to the offices and then we had ward council so we didn’t have a lot of time to do anything. Wednesday we had a doctor’s appointment to see what was up with my comp so they did an ultra sound and we found out that it’s a boy!!!! ha just kidding, but they did so an ultra sound and they found out that he had two stones in his gall bladder that were blocking up some stuff so that wasn’t too good. Then we had to go see other doctors and we were in the hospital and clinic almost all day trying to figure out what was wrong with him. They told us that he needed to have surgery. So the next day (Thursday) we had to go to the hospital in the morning and we were in there all day waiting until his surgery at 7 but I came prepared and brought my movie’s and dvd player so I wouldn't be too bored. So I just relaxed all day watching movies while by companion waited to go into the butchers. Plus my son Elder V. in one of the secretaries now so I told him to bring me fast food  because I couldn’t leave, so that was awesome. I just relaxed and ate like a king. So my one year was pretty relaxing I must say. It kind of sucked how it all happened, but for me it was good, my companion not so much, but he’s feeling a little better right now. 

Then the next day we had a zone conference and it was kind of important that I went so I got a member to come stay with my companion so that I could go to the conference. It was totally worth it, and it was nice to get out of the hospital for a little. But what I had forgot is that we had to give a class in the conference so I did it by myself, the president said it went well so that’s good, I was pretty nervous for that. Then I went back to the hospital and my companion was watching soccer so I tried to keep busy until basketball came on.... that’s my weakness. Its been so long!! I miss that. Saturday we were finally able to leave and then I went with another elder because his companion was sick so we left the sick and went to work in his area. Sunday my companion went to sacrament meeting and then went home. Then in the afternoon I left with a priest in the ward who is super awesome. I think I told you about Jonny. He has brought 9 friends into the church since he got baptized 9 months ago. He also asked me to give him the priesthood on Sunday so that was a great experience. I have never done it before but I think it went well. So the whole day sunday I was with him teaching. He’s already a missionary it’s crazy. He just turned 16 but he could already be a missionary. 

But ya that was pretty much my week, didn't really do too much, I was just in the hospital and left for maybe 10 hours total to work but this week probably won’t be much better. We have a zone leader conference on wednesday and general conference so well see if we can get some work done. Well I love you guys, thanks for the pics, I’m sending home a package today so you’ll probably be getting it in about a month I think. 

Love you lots

Elder Grigor

Elder Grigor riding in the back of a truck

Elder Grigor with his usual thumbs up :) 

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