Thursday, 22 May 2014

Someone knows where I live

May 5th, 2014 
Hello Family
So something random that i forgot to say last week. I was on an exchange and was talking to a less active family is in another area and they asked where I was from and I said Canada because most people have never heard of Alberta or even Calgary so then they asked me which part so I said I was from Calgary and then the guy told me that he has a sister who lives there and that his brother in law is a pilot. CRAZY RIGHT?? I guess he works for a company called Jets and his last name is Hawkins or Hawkinson I think, I didn’t really understand but I thought that was really coool. Someone who actually knows where I live.
So this week was really good, my companion wasn’t as trunky so it was a lot easier. We are actually getting along really great right now so I really want to enjoy these next two weeks. Something we’ve been doing lately is playing soccer with rocks. It really helps when we are kind of upset or not in a talky mood so we just have to kick rocks through the other persons legs to score. It’s a good time. Next saturday he is going to the hotel to stay with his group and prepare to go home so I think I will have a white companion for about 3 days because there is another elder whose companion is leaving too so we’ll probably be together until they do all the changes.
So I’m really excited to Skpye you guys this week but I don’t know at what time or where, if you tell me a time I will be at a computer and ready to Skype. When does church end and when will you guys have time? I can borrow a members computer or just go to a little internet café.  But it’s going to be awesome. I was thinking maybe around 3 or 4 in the afternoon here, would that be ok?? Let me know.
Well like I said I had a great week. I’ll tell you about a few things we did. So we went to the lagoon alley with all the stake to clean and do service this Wednesday, it was great to go out and help the community especially with so many members and people helping out. The only bad part is that one of our investigators kids got lost and that was a problem but they found him and all was well. I hope you got the pics.
Another cool story is when we went to a place called villa el mar which is the highest place in our area and maybe in all of Cochabamba. It’s about the same height as the Christ statue. It took about 45 minutes to walk up there, but it was worth it. There are only about 4 members that live up there and we want to change that so we went to go talk to the people. One awesome experience was when we met a girl named Maura. She lives way up there and had never talked to missionaries just other friends from university. So we went up and taught the restoration and about the Book or Mormon and she loved every minute of it. She was so happy and even told us that one of her friends had asked her to pray and ask god about the church. She said she did it around Christmas time and said she had an amazing dream about the temple but didn’t really know what it meant. Then she went on vacation and kind of forgot about it but she thinks it’s an answer from god. I think we are going to make weekly trips up there now to know the people more. The best part about Maura is that she normally works until 7 on Saturdays but for some reason decided to come home early. If she wouldn’t have done that we wouldn’t have found her. God works in mysterious ways that’s for sure.
All is going well here in Bolivia. Love the mission, love the comp, love the area, love the Lord. Can’t wait to talk to you guys!!!!

Elder Grigor

Hard at work 

Taking a break for a picture 

Back to work 

That would be a chicken's foot in his mouth! 

Elder Grigor in Bolivia 

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