Sunday, 4 May 2014

If we could all be like Jonny

April 28th, 2014 

So to answer a few questions first, I think I forgot the last week. Dad asked me why we always help the veterinarian and about Jonny and why it’s so easy to share the gospel for him. The veterinarian is in our ward and always is helping us out and visiting with us so sometimes she just calls us and asked us to come over. Here in Bolivia things are pretty relaxed and they don’t really care who does the surgery or who makes their animals better they just want it done. And Jonny, I really don't know why it’s so easy, I’d love to know his trick, I think he’s just no afraid to share the gospel with everyone. Being the hairdresser (who you will hear about later ) his friends, people in the street, he’s just really open and invites everyone to hear the missionaries and they do!! 

I am really looking forward to Skype you guys in a couple weeks, I still don’t know where I am going to do it because where we go for internet doesn’t have webcams so I’m going to have to figure something out. And yes my companion is from Lima and leaves in 3 weeks. It’s going by really fast.

I had a really good week. I’ll share some of the cool experiences and things I learned. One, well this was more of reinforcing something I already knew and that is to always follow the prompting of the spirit, no matter what. One cool experience I had with that was on Wednesday. We were walking to an important appointment and we were in a hurry because it was something we thought was for sure and we had just barely confirmed it a few hours earlier. So as we were walking I had the impression to knock on the door of a referral we had recently received. I just thought we could see if they were home and make an appointment for another day, so we knocked and the lady was home and had lots of questions. We were able to talk briefly and respond to her questions and make an appointment to come back. As we went to the other appointment we found out that it had already fallen through. I was glad that I was able to act on that prompting we were able to help her. Yesterday she asked us if she could be baptized. I know that we needed to go in that moment and the Lord put us in that path to be able to remember and knock on her door. 

Another cool experience was actually a referral form Jonny. She is a hairdresser beside his house and he asked if she would like to have the missionaries over. She said yes so we went over and she was super receptive and really liked the message. Unfortunately with many people here it’s really hard to find them the second time and they don’t come to church. So the week we contacted her she didn’t come to church and we couldn't find her all week but this Saturday we were able to find her. She felt so bad that she hadn’t been home and she explained why she couldn't come to church that day and said that for sure she would be there this Sunday (yesterday). So we were there and we were waiting but she never showed up. We were kind of disappointed but then she showed up right after the sacrament and then stayed for the rest of church and loved it. She also has a big desire to go to church and learn more about the gospel and hopefully very soon she will accept a date for her baptism. Just from one small invitation from Jonny to listen to the missionaries while getting his hair cut made it so that 2 more people were able to know the truth of the restored gospel. If we could all be like that I wonder how many would come to a knowledge of the truth. 

This week we also had a talent show which was super awesome. We had two acts and they were hilarious. I will try to describe them more or less. I got videos but won’t be able to send them. You’ll just have to wait 11 months. So one was called the worlds fastest robbing. So I was the gringo tourist and I was walking and then I get hit briefly by two people. It doesn’t look like much happened but then a guy comes in and puts us on pause and says that something was fishy and that something else happened. So we rewind our act and he puts us in slow motion and lets the audience watch what really happened. We show our act in slow motion and see that what really happened. A bunch of people come over to rob me and beat me up and there’s a little girl that comes and steals and an old lady and then a tiger come out (we rented a tiger costume) and starts to beat me up and rob me and it was really funny. I wish I could send the video. I don’t know if that made sense but that’s what we did and it was awesome. Everyone loved it. We definitely won the night

Well that’s was my week. I’m excited for another great week. 

Love you guys lots. Have a great week. 

Elder Grigor

Breakfast of champions-pancakes and lemon pie.
 It was for an Elder's birthday 

At the vet's place

The vet's daughter likes walking under my legs 

The water jug at my new pensionista's place 

Our group for the talent show 

The tiger costume 

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