Wednesday, 28 May 2014

We were able to get out and WORK!!!

Hello Famliy,

Sorry I kind of lost track of time responding to other emails and forgot to write you guys first but I’m going to try and write something super fast in the 20 minutes I have so it might be a little more messy than normal haha. 

So this week I got my new companion Elder M. He is from Chiclayo, Peru. He is actually from way out in the country in a little tiny town but his brother shared the gospel with him so he came to the city to be able to go to church. He in a convert of about 8 years I think. So right now he lives in Ferreñafe. Which is like 20 minutes from the city. And he goes home in two transfers so I’ll be with him until the end of his mission just like Elder G.  He and Clair will be getting to Chiclayo on the same day I think haha. He’s super cool and a hard worker. He loves to work and that makes me happy. This week was awesome because we were able to get out to work right from the start and I can really notice the love than he has for the people and the way he connects with them is unreal, I hope that maybe by the end of my mission I will be able to be more like him in those aspects. I know that I will learn a lot from him. 

So with Elder M. we are trying really hard not to be late for things. There were a couple of times when he just took off running so I ran too to keep up with him. We ran so much that even one pair of my pants ripped so I will have to sew those back up haha. I had heard of him running in some of his other areas to appointments but I wasn’t sure if it was all the time or just once in a while but no I know that it is very often. We are getting along great and I’m really excited for this time we have together. One time we were up at one of the highest parts of our area. We had to go to our house first to change into our suits and make it to the church. But we were not going to make on time so he just took off and we ran down the whole hill basically. What normally take about 15 minutes we did in 5 minutes. We were able to make it to the baptism on time and everything went great. I was able to baptize Angela this Saturday and it was great. It’s been a while and it really felt good to help her make this covenant in her life. Sunday she was confirmed and now she is a member of the church. We are now working on her aunt who is living there now and hopefully with her we will be able to complete their family. Everything is going great and I am loving mission life. 

Sorry it’s so short but that was pretty much my week, other than that we just taught and had lots of fun together. My companion is really funny. He could be one of my favourite companions. 

Love you guys lots, hope you guys have a great week. Thanks for the package too, I got it this week and I loved it, the shirt was great. I haven’t been able to eat the candy because I have a bad canker sore but I will enjoy it soon. You guys are the best. 

Love you lots,


Elder Grigor at Angela's baptism 

Hakuna Matata! Love the things he sees in Cochabamba 

Elder Grigor having a little mustache fun.
Thanks Clair for sending them to Bolivia! 

The aviators are the best

Love seeing the Canadian flag in the background
and all of his post it notes with his goals on it. 

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