Monday, 19 January 2015

I'm healthy and happy and glad to be a missionary.

Hello Family,

Well we had another week full of rain and clouds but it was awesome, I really like all of the cloudiness because that way I don’t get burnt at all. There are so many times where people will just tell me that I’m really burnt so I try not to be in the sun too much. I just get destroyed being in the sun all day walking around. 

I wasn’t with my companion too much this week, every transfer we have to do splits with all of the missionaries in the zone and we haven’t had much time this transfer to do it with conferences and such so we had to do 2 last week and then 2 this week. On Tuesday and Sunday we also did splits with the ward members to visit more people so I was really only teaching with my companion on Thursday and Saturday. It was kind of weird. We are getting along great though and lots of work done here in the area. 

I feel the lord was really helping us this week and was directing us to lots of house of less active members and old investigators. Doing splits with the members is really helping the area because they have been able to show us houses they visited before with the missionaries and less active members so we have seen lots of benefits. We had a goal with the zone that everyone could reach at least 6 lessons with members and 6 with less actives and recent converts and most of them were able to reach it. They were a few that couldn’t so we are going to raise that goal and try to motivate them even more and hopefully see the numbers and success keep rising. We are really happy with the zone, we have some great district leaders who are doing great at motivating their zone and see how well they are doing. 

Well this week is that last week of the transfer, next week I will be letting you know if I am going to have one final area or if I am going to stay here. I probably will just stay here but there is always a possibility I guess. I have been a zone leader for a long time. Maybe they will give someone else the opportunity. I’m happy either way. 

I think that is all I have for this week, everything went well. I’m healthy and happy and glad to be a missionary. 

Elder Grigor

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