Friday, 19 April 2013

Love Pictures from Home

Hey fam!!


Great to see your pictures and hear your stories, time seems to be moving by so fast right now. When I'm out here it just kind of feels like the rest of the world is on pause so seeing all these pictures and hearing your stories is great, I love it!! Its crazy how much its snowing there, I've been checking the weather everyday down there and it kind of just looks miserable, makes me glad I'm in 20 degree weather everyday. Sad that I missed out on Dads birthday, looked like a blast, but on the bright side he only has one more until I'm home. I didn't take too many pictures this week but I will send a few of things I bought and some fruit and stuff. This week was just more classes and language, its all kind of blending together and when I write in my journal i have a hard time remembering what I did that day. One thing we did was try to throw paper airplanes over the wall from our window, its been kinda fun but we have only got two over so far. Its probably like 40 feet away so its pretty hard. I've been playing a lot of soccer lately too and everyone says that I'm getting pretty good so I cant wait to see what ill be like after 2 years. Its probably my favorite sport right now, I play it everyday in physical activity. Oh and my shoes ripped but I'm a master sewer so I fixed them up real good, ill send you a pic of that. I can only send like 3 pictures per message, kinda lame. 2 cool stories that happened today, we were coming out of the temple and this Peruvian lady came out and asked for a blessing ( she didn't speak any English ) so then we went to a quiet room and gave her a blessing in English it was kind of crazy but she was so grateful and really proved that the spirit speaks to all languages. Then on the bus ride back we were talking to this guy and he was curious why we were all called elder so we explained a bit and were asking if he wanted to know more and he said yes but no one had a Book of Mormon or anything but then I looked in my suit and found a pass along card which I have no idea where I got it but it was just in there so we gave it to him, that was a fun experience. This Saturday we get to go out and proselyte for about 4 hours with a Latino companion. I'm excited for that!!! Well I should go write some more letters now, love you guys and hope you have fun at the game, let me know how awesome it is!! Talk to you next week. Oh and by the way Elder Bednar is coming next Tuesday. No biggy. Adios!!


Love, Elder Grigor

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