Tuesday, 9 April 2013

MTC life. Grateful for Conference and a few days of English

Hello Family!!!!

Great to hear about the fun you guys had this week! The cabin sounded great! I will be looking forward to my captain crunch. It will be nice to have some normal food for once! Not that captain crunch is normal but the food down here is very questionable sometimes. My stomach isn't always happy with the choices my brain makes. But I'm slowly getting used to it which is good. Sorry about your crazy schedule Dad, makes me feel better about my crazy schedule. Glad the car is still running ok and that Justin is a good driver, 1 bet he is really excited to start driving. And I heard about that guy breaking his leg that sounds awful! Hopefully he will be ok.  Well I will quickly tell you about my week. I don't really know what to start with because its all just kind of a blur right now, we mostly just do language study which isn't too exciting all the time, we have been teaching our investigator a lot though lately.  ( all in Spanish 30 min lessons )  A couple days ago we committed her to baptism so we received two new investigators and now we are starting to teach them. Its seems crazy but I'm so ready for it!! Its crazy to think I have been here for two weeks already, its gone by soo fast!! Since I'm from Canada everyone makes fun of how I say "out and about". I think its pretty funny. They should be putting up my flag soon and I will send a picture of that. I have a few more pictures since we're only allowed to take them on p-day. We are going shopping and to the temple again today so I am really excited for that.
love you guys!!! talk to you next week! I almost forgot to talk about conference. It was great and I loved it. We got it broadcast in English, that was nice to have a few days of English. My favorite talks were David  Beck, Elder Anderson, and President Monson's on obedience, hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did!!
love you!!

 Elder Grigor

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