Monday, 10 June 2013

I always want to have that feeling.



So this week was much better, although I didn’t get any mail this week. That was the most disappointing part, every Tuesday night so far I have come back and seen mail, but this week there wasn’t anything :(   I don’t expect stuff every week and I really appreciate all the letters and packages that you guys send to me it’s amazing. I have kept every one and read them over and over again. They mean so much to me. Other than that this week was great, much better than the last week and a lot easier too. So we had a zone conference this Thursday which was awesome, I love being together with all the missionaries and seeing my buddies from the MTC. We learned a lot. Each Zone leader has to give a report and talk about one companionship that has been working really well together and from our zone that was me and Elder Valda. I really like him. He is a great companion and we’re getting used to each other. Another thing we learned was to never be afraid to invite someone to be baptized. Sometimes I’m shy and have fear that people will reject me. Anyways we learned from that and yesterday we committed 2 people to baptism just in their doorway after about 15 minutes of talking, now the hard part is trying to get them to keep their commitment, a lot of people fall through but that’s part of the mission. We learned so much stuff and one of my favorite parts was that the President said we have an hour and a half to write home which is so nice and I might have time to actually write everyone now. Also we had a baptism this Saturday of Edwin. He is 17 and ready to serve a mission. Such as great guy. So he had been coming to church for months but was always kind of afraid to be baptized and he didn’t show up for about a month. He started coming again just 2 weeks after I got to Bolivia. He said that when he wasn’t coming to church he felt bad and just had a different feeling when he came to church, so in that moment Elder Valda said: so do you want to get baptized next week? He said yes and we taught him all the lessons and now he’s a member. The President even came to the baptism which is very rare, that was awesome but made it very nervous for me conducting. This week was awesome and I felt the spirit so strong during his baptism and confirmation, it was amazing! I always want to have that feeling. Over all great week and I hope this week will be the same.

Love you 




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