Monday, 24 June 2013

It's a great time to be a missionary!

Elder Grigor getting a ride to church.
Elder Grigor and his zone moving the Zone Leaders.
Elder Grigor packed into a "trufi" He sent this picture again this week.
I thought it was a typo for truck. But a trufi is a taxi that looks like a small bus.

The pictures are of us riding in the back of a truck, we were walking and some members gave us a ride to the church, then again riding in the back of a truck moving the apartment of the zone leaders, then all of us packed in the trufi. It’s always like that. One time we fit 22 people into one of those trufis, it’s awesome that there are no rules down here. Well maybe there are but they are never enforced, it’s crazy how many people run red lights and everything. 

So this week was pretty good, we played soccer against another zone last Monday and now I understand why we are not supposed to keep score or be competitive. There was some yelling and harsh words used by some people, it was really funny for me and I just smiled and laughed and kept playing. Tuesday we spent all day moving the apartment of the zone leaders, because their house got broken into a while ago. And of course the new apartment they picked was 5 stories high and they had the top floor. And I was lucky enough to carry all the heavy stuff up the stairs, because “oh Elder Grigor is big and tall so he can carry everything while we watch" that’s pretty much how it went but I didn’t mind. Oh and good news about Jesus and Anabel the family that found us the other week. We were talking about marriage and how important it is and if they had any desire to get married. Anabel said that there were some complications and that it could be about 8 months to a year. Then Jesus said: "nah we could probably do it in about 2 weeks". We were so happy and are still so happy for this family. They are so awesome. We had a talent show in our ward for the kids his week and they brought their kids and they even took part in the talent show, they all love the church and it’s awesome!!! We are going to be in the talent show this week. My companion and I and the zone leaders, which should be interesting. We had a great week with new investigators and references from the ward. Our ward is really improving with helping in the work and we finally have a mission leader so it will be interesting to see if there will be a change or not. The conference last night was awesome and it made me so excited to be a missionary and to be preaching the gospel. Did you guys notice Elder Lyons when they were talking about Tampa?? At least I think it was Elder Lyons, I couldn’t really see his name very well but I recognised his face, I was like buddy on elf, " I know him!!!" I thought that was pretty cool. It will be interesting to see how the technology changes the mission and the work is moving forward faster and faster every day. It’s a great time to be a missionary. Hope you guys have a great week, love you guys talk to you soon!!

Elder Grigor 
This is a Trufi- a taxi in Bolivia. This was the accident that
 happened in May when the taxi Elder Grigor was riding in
was t-boned in the intersection. Just minor damage was
 done to the bumper. Thank goodness no one was hurt!
I asked Elder Grigor what kinds of foods that he has eaten in Bolivia.
 He sent us some pictures of a meal he had this week.
"This was one meal we ate this week. Look up Pique and Charque. 
I think that's how you spell them.
Those are some traditional meals I've eaten.
 But its usually meat rice and potatoes. "





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