Wednesday, 19 June 2013

There is a time and a place for everyone.

Dear Family,

So this week marks my first transfer in the field, the announcement was last night and luckily my companion is staying. I thought for sure he was going to leave because he has been in this area for 6 months already but he is going to stay for one more transfer. Then I am going to start training. Hopefully my Spanish improves a lot in these next 6 weeks. It’s getting better and better everyday and I am really learning a lot. So I am going to respond to moms questions. No not all the roads are dirt, we have a big area, about 2-3 Km more or less. So there are some paved roads but a lot of the shortcuts we take are back paths are all dirt. The food we eat is a lot of rice and potatoes, soup, all kinds of meat, sometimes mystery meat. I will take some pictures this week of my food and send it to you guys next week. Yes it is still hot, about 25-30 in the afternoon and at about 5 it drops to about 10 degrees, it’s freezing in the night and in the morning. My Spanish is coming along, I haven’t really noticed but lots of our investigators and members have said that it has improved a ton and that I have a good accent so I guess it’s coming along. This week was actually really great as well. We went teaching with the President on Tuesday to the parents of a recent convert and they are going to be baptized on the 13th (I hope). A lot of dates fall through but as of now they are good to go. It was really nerve wracking teaching with the President but he said I did a good job so I’m happy with that. The awesome story I want to tell you is about a family that found us. Usually we find families but they came to us for some reason (that reason being the spirit, it wasn’t random). We didn’t go to an appointment and started walking the other direction because we thought we should go visit a different investigator. As we were walking turned a corner and two people yelled: “AMIGOS”, so we went over and talked to them. They said that they wanted us to teach them and their two little kids. Mauricio 7, Diego 2. Their names are Jesus and Anabel. We said: “of course that’s our job”. We taught them the first lesson and they are so excited and want to be baptized. We thought that everything was great and that they were perfect. We went to pick them up Sunday and turns out they couldn’t make it because they had unexpected family come over and we were really disappointed and discouraged. So then we were sitting in church and with 20 minutes left in Sacrament meeting they walked in and stayed the rest of the meetings and they loved it. They also accepted baptism; the only thing is that they aren’t married yet so we have to work on that.  But other than that everything is good. The amazing thing about them is that they took the lessons 4 years ago but just weren’t ready and now they are and want to be baptized. The thing I learned is that there is a time and a place for everyone and we shouldn’t get discouraged when people don’t accept the gospel right away, we just have to be patient. The others elders that taught them were probably discouraged. If only they knew now that their work lead the way to their baptism. We have tons of investigators that don’t accept right away and don’t keep commitments but we shouldn’t get discouraged because the Lord has people prepared and there are many that just aren’t prepared yet. That was a great lesson for me and I am so glad to have met them and had that experience. It really was a great week and I’m loving it hear. The weeks are just flying by it seems like.


Love you guys so much and I will talk to you next week!!

Love Elder Grigor


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