Monday, 10 February 2014

Happy 20th Birthday Elder Grigor

Hello Family,
Well another good week here in Uyuni! I don’t really know where to start. I’ll start at the beginning of the week. Well last Monday we went to the salt flats, it wasn’t as cool as the first time though. We were trying to go cheaper because going on a tour is expensive for us. So we got bikes all arranged and we were going to bike out there and it was going to be awesome but the president said no and that we should just go in a taxi so that’s what we did. It was still cheaper than the tour but they just took us to the border and waited for an hour for us to walk around and take pictures but there wasn’t much water on the outside. We would have had to walk for about an hour just to get to the cool spots with water. I think next time we will just take a tour again even though it’s expensive, it’s way cooler.
On Wednesday some of our investigators were going to study and they threw us a little party, and they made some great food but I think it made me kind of sick. After eating I just wasn't feeling good at all. We went to another lesson and my companion noticed that I wasn't doing too well so we cut the lesson short and went home. Long story short I ended up puking and staying in bed all day. I still don’t think I’ve recovered completely yet, I just don’t really have an appetite still but I’m getting better so don’t worry.
Then we were supposed to go to Atocha on Saturday but when we went to buy tickets they were all sold out so we had to stay in Uyuni Saturday which was ok with me. I had a good birthday, like they always do here they threw flour and eggs on me and started to have a fight, so that was fun.  And since it was kind of a surprise that I was staying they planned my birthday stuff on Sunday so that is when they shoved my face in the cake and of course started to fight with that as well. I need to do laundry that’s for sure!! But we’re in Tupiza right now for a zone meeting so that will be kind of tough, I don’t really have any clean clothes haha. But all in all it was a pretty good week.  I had a good birthday. I still feel the same but now when people ask me how old I am I can say 20!!! That feels weird. I had a few people ask me after my birthday, it was weird to say that I’m 20 years old now.
Well I’ll also share a cool experience that happened on my birthday. Twice we were walking down the street and I had the feeling to knock on a door, and just as I was about to say it my companion said “ we should knock on that door.” It was funny because both of those doors that we knocked on, no one was home. But then we knocked on the door right beside it and both of those doors we were able find someone to teach and both of them were very interested. I thought that was pretty cool although the first instinct wasn't successful we were able to act on the next impression and find 2 people who were waiting to hear the restored gospel. Me and my companion are getting along great and I think were getting on the same wave length already and thinking the same things. It’s awesome being with him, I think he might be my favorite companion so far and it’s only been 2 weeks. We just get along great which is super awesome. I hope I’m with him for quite a while.
Well I hope you guys had a great week and I look forward to hearing from you all real soon. 
Love you lots,

Elder Grigor

Elder Grigor just hanging out in Uyuni, Bolivia

Elder Grigor on a rooftop. 

It is a tradition in Bolivia to throw egg and flour when it's your birthday. 
So glad that Elder Grigor got the royal treatment on his 20th birthday. 

Elder Grigor's birthday cake 

Happy 20th Birthday Elder Grigor!!! (another tradition is to smash 
your face into the cake. He got that one on video but can't send it) 

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