Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Lord works in mysterious ways!

Well this week was a pretty good week. Elder R. is awesome and super funny. I think we are really going to get along well. I don’t know how long we will be together though. I think this transfer and the next transfer I will be with him. Maybe more though. He only has two more transfers after this one. But that means I would be another 5 transfers in an area. I’d be ok with that I think though. I really like it here in Uyuni and Siete Suyos and Atocha. There is a lot of work to do here and I think Elder R. is going to help a lot. He has a lot of experience and I know I’m going to learn lots from him. 

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. It feels weird that I am going to turn 20. I kind of just want to be a teenager still but it's also going to feel cool to say I’m 20. When people ask me how old I am I will feel just a little bit older. It’s going to be a good week. We're going to be in Atocha for my birthday so I don’t think that we will be doing anything special. It’s just going to be another normal day I think, which is fine with me. The zone leaders are going to Cochabamba this week for a conference so if my package is there they should bring it and I will get to it next week when we go to Tupiza for the zone meeting. Or maybe they will be nice and send it a little earlier. Who knows?? It’s going to be a good week. 

I just wanted to share a cool experience that we had in Siete Suyos this week. So we went up there and had our plans to visit the investigators there and some of the less actives. All of our plans and back up plans fell through. We went to all their houses in about half an hour and then had nothing to do after that. I really had no idea what to do. Everything had fallen through and we had nothing. I got the idea to go visit a recent convert but I wasn’t sure if they would be home because they were supposed to move to Potosi. But for some reason they had stayed for an extra week because of paper work and were still in the house. They were busy but she told us of a few members who were living in Siete Suyos but they were not home. We got the direction of her mom's house where Martha was but by the time we got there she had already left to a meeting. We were able to talk to her mother though, who seemed quite interested and had no idea that the church was in their town and said she would come and visit. After that we went to a place where we thought another family lived. We weren’t exactly sure what house it was so I just knocked on a random door.  A little girl answered and went and got her dad. It was kind of funny when he came to the door, he seemed really confused so we presented ourselves and said we came to visit him. That is the happiest I’ve seen a person in a long time. He had come from La Paz about 6 years ago with his brother to work in the mine and there was no church so they just kind of went inactive but they’ve always wanted to come back. Now they both have their wives and children who aren’t members but who want to learn. It's funny how the Lord works sometimes, it’s true that he works in mysterious ways. Through all of the appointments that fell through and the discouragement we were feeling we were able to find one of the Lords lost sheep and invite him back to the fold along with his family soon I’m sure. I’m learning each day how to understand the ways of the Lord and I know there is no other place that I would be able to learn these things. I’m so grateful to be here. 

I’m sure this week will be another great week. We are going to try and go to the Salt Flats again today so that should be fun. Thanks so much for the letters and the package and everything.

Love you guys so much, 

Elder Grigor

Love the hat Elder Grigor is wearing.

This place looks so cool. 

"Be true to who you are and the family name you bear" 

Salt Flats in Uyuni, Bolivia

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