Monday, 17 March 2014

Communication is key

Hello Family

Well today I have my whole hour and a half so I am going to write a big long letter. Well I’m going to try at least. 

So before I forget my pensionista’s husband is really into racquetball and he loves ben-gay. A friend from the states brought it for him but he ran out and was asking if maybe you guys could send some in the next package. Also if you could send me a black sharpie that would be awesome. But just one is fine. I don’t think there is anything I need. 

Well this week was much better than the last week. We were able to get a lot more work done because we weren’t as busy with conferences and we actually had time to just work and be in our area which was awesome. So a little bit more about my area. Well we live in a pretty nice house and we have a little store right in front so every morning I go out to buy fresh bread which is awesome. I spend lots of money there haha. My pensionista’s are great. We have a lunch pensionista and a dinner pensionista. For dinner we eat with the members who own our apartment so that’s pretty nice having it so close and for lunch we eat with the 1st councillor in the stake presidency and they are so nice to us. I have loved all my pensionista’s. My area is basically all hill, the roads are made out of rocks. There are a few paved roads but for the most part it’s pretty rocky but my shoes don’t get as dirty as they have been in other areas. My ward is great, they help us out a lot! It’s a lot different than Uyuni was. 

The members give us lunch on the weekends and this week it was time for the bishop to take us out. And he is very rich especially for Bolivian standards. He has 6 cars and next week he’s going to pick us his new 0km Ford Eco Sport from the dealership. So he took us downtown to a nice buffet is his Toyota highlander. That’s the nicest car I’ve been in since I’ve been here. I honestly felt like a missionary in the United States. I ate so much food it was ridiculous, and it was so good. I don’t even know how much it was but he took us 4 missionaries out and his whole family. It was really awesome. 

Also this week we did two surgeries. There is a member in our ward who needed help castrating two cats. First we castrated a male cat and the next day a female cat. It was quite cool and really easy. Luckily I didn’t puke up my lunch. It was quite an interesting experience. 

This week I also had an exchange with one of our district leaders Elder C. in my area. Although I only had a little over 2 weeks I was able to find my way around pretty well and didn’t get lost which was great. It was a great exchange and everything went well. We got lots of work done and were able to find a few new people to teach and everything went great. Also with my companion things went a lot better. I was trying to talk a lot more and communicate and I noticed that we didn’t have as many problems as we were having before. Talking really makes all the difference. I’ve especially noticed that this week. Communication is key. It might sound weird but I love reading marriage articles from the Ensign because they always have great advice on how to get along better with your “companion”.  I’ve been trying to put some of the council to use and I’ve seen a difference. 

And about you guys coming to pick me up I’m still not sure yet. I think it would be really cool but I’m not sure. I asked the president in my email this week so we’ll see what he has to say about that but it’s something I’m thinking about. 

And that was basically my week. Hope you guys have a good one, loved the pictures. Love you guys, talk to you soon

Elder Grigor

A few more pictures from Elder Grigor's trip to the waterfall 

Fun loving missionary and a beautiful waterfall 

Love this one! 

We could all use this nice green scenery right about now! 

The only way to cool off on a hot day in Cochabamba

A tiny piece of his shirt managed to stay dry

The minor cat surgery...poor little guy! 

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