Monday, 10 March 2014

The Lord is there for us at all times

Ok so I am going to try and write really fast today. We went up as a zone today to a waterfall which was really cool. The only uncool thing is that some kind of got lost and we had to wait for them for quite a while to find their way back and now I don’t have much time on the internet because we got home pretty late.  But I’m going to try and write lots. So ya that’s what we did today, it was really fun but it just didn’t work out how we wanted it too. But I got some cool pictures and they were some fun memories. 

Well last Monday we couldn't leave the house after 4 o’clock and same with Tuesday. So we just stayed in and hung out with some other elders and then played monopoly. By the end of the day on Tuesday we were all dying of being inside so much so we went out and played basketball beside our house which was really fun. I love basketball. But those days were kind of boring, I watched all those movies that you sent me for christmas. Then on Wednesday we had a leadership conference all day. All the zone leaders from the mission got together and we had a big meeting with the president and the assistants which was really good. I loved it a lot, I learned a ton. A part I really liked was when the president spoke about the 4th watch. It's in Matthew 14:22-32 and how the Lord is there for us at all times and in all places and how he usually waits until the 4th watch so he can see our faith and a whole bunch of things concerning that scripture, it was awesome. After that we went and spoke with the stake president to plan the stake conference and what we were going to do. So Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we did not get anything done at all. Thursday we finally had time to work but in the morning we had to plan and then in the afternoon had to go to the offices and we lost some more time. My companion also hasn’t been feeling that well so when we had some time to work he just wanted to lay down and rest a bit so we really didn't get much done. Saturday the stake conference went well. I think our little part went well, we actually only had to do it for one hour so that was much better. Then on Sunday they had a special conference for all of Bolivia. It was stake conference everywhere and Elder Nelson, Elder Rasband and Elder Pino all spoke, oh and Sister Reeves. It was a great conference and everyone really enjoyed it. 

So my first real week as a zone leader was kind of really busy and there was hardly any time to go out and teach which meant awful numbers. They were probably the worst numbers of my mission but I think we are going to improve a lot this week. We don’t have any meetings that I know of and we should have a lot of time to work. At least I hope that we will have a lot of time to work. It’s been kind of hard on me this week because I really like to get out and work and when we can’t for different reasons it’s really tough on me. But I know that it’s going to get better. I have high hope’s for this week. 

I have to end now because I’m running out of time.  

Love you lots, talk to you next week. 

Elder Grigor

Playing Monopoly when they had to stay indoors for "Carnival"

Elder Grigor with his Zone 

A bus full of Missionaries. Elder Grigor is at the very back

It was "really hot"so Elder Grigor had to do this......

Love our missionary!!!!! 
This picture made me laugh out loud. So good. 

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