Tuesday, 25 March 2014

I'm just a missionary and I like to help

Before I forget- some things that you could send me is maybe some aloe vera cream, some more sunscreen (because the sunscreen sucks here ) and my camera case broke. I can probably find a cheap one here though. And ya I think that’s all I really need.

Well this was an interesting week. Not the most productive but it was pretty good. It just seems to go flying by, these last two weeks especially have just been super fast and I feel these next couple are going to go by really fast also. I’m really excited for general conference. I am going to try and watch it in english if I can because well honestly I get a lot more out of it when it's in english. Spanish just isn't the same for me. So that will be fun. This week we have a zone conference and the next week a zone leader meeting so there might not be a lot of work getting done here in the next little bit. 

Well one thing I did this week was a dog surgery. We were coming back from downtown doing some paperwork and a sister called us saying that we had to come fast so we stopped by her office and she asked us to help with a surgery. A fly had planted it’s larvae in the dog’s ear and we had to take them out. It was quite gross and smelled awful but I was up for the challenge. It was funny when the owner asked if I was her assistant or if I was practicing and I said nope I’m just a missionary and I like to help. That was a fun experience. Other than that there wasn't much that happened that was really exciting. 

Tuesday morning we got a call from the relief society president and she said there was an old investigator who called her and said she wanted the missionaries to come over and visit her. So we went over and it was really weird because we had gone to that house the week before and I asked her to come join us in the lesson but she didn't really seem to interested and was doing other things so I didn't really worry about it. So I was really confused when she called and asked us to come over and visit her. She has been having the missionaries over for a long time but had never accepted the invitation to be baptized. We taught her and placed a date and she accepted it. It was all really quite weird to me how she had changed her mind so quickly from even just the week before.  I guess that just goes to show that everyone has their own time and their own way and we can’t try to force it, we just have to be ready for when they are ready. 

Well my week wasn't really that exciting, we went to another waterfall again today and that was really fun. Hopefully next week I will try and write early so you guys don’t worry haha. Well thanks for everything. I loved the letters and the pictures. 

Love you guys, 

Elder Grigor

"The birthday of a young man in our ward. Since he got baptized
 9 months ago he has brought 9 friends into the church. 
We made him a name tag because he's basically a missionary."

"I did surgery on a dog. I had to take worms out of his ear. I could maybe see myself as a doctor growing up. The sister said it was an emergency so we ran over and she really needed help so I dove in with my gloves and apron. 
It was awesome!" 

"Sadly ants got into my mini eggs, I was quite upset. My easter package already got here so I opened it. I'm not very patient when it comes to candy. Ha ha!" 

Elder Grigor looks like he wants to eat that piece of bread.
 He must be hungry! 

Having fun on his p-day 

Cooling off at the waterfall

Elder Grigor and more missionaries doing what they can to cool off.

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