Monday, 2 June 2014

Our prayers have definitely been answered


So I didn’t really take any pictures this week. I don’t know why but there just wasn't anything to take a picture of so I just kind of forgot about it. But I will definitely try to do that this week. I am going to focus way more on pictures. 

So I think Elder M. is my favourite companion, we are getting along so great, he is just such a funny guy and we are always laughing in the street and like I told you guys sometimes we just take off running and have races and try to scare groups of dogs and sometimes people. People not so much, but it’s fun to see their reaction as we go running by. I think we almost gave a little dog a heart attack once. I have never seen a little dog run so fast in my life. It was a good time. We just always do things like that, but it’s only when we are really late or when we have a for sure appointment and know they won’t care if we show up sweaty like at a members house or dinner. Yesterday we were going to have pizza at 6 but we were in a lesson for a long time so we ran for like 10 minutes to get to dinner on time and have pizza, it was really fun. And we just always make jokes and are always laughing or we try to knock on doors differently.

So we had a few really great experiences this week, and they really strengthened my testimony on prayer and working hard and trying to be obedient with exactness. We haven't really been having much success lately in the area and I wasn’t really sure why. My feelings were that maybe through prayer and trying to follow every rule with exactness that it would help. There are 2 experiences this week where I have noticed the blessing that have come from that. One is we were walking out of a lesson and saying goodbye and I noticed a young man who I thought I recognized who had moved away about 2 months ago. I didn't really think much about it because I thought they were gone but we went the next day and it turns out that it was actually him. We were teaching the rest of his family and they had baptismal dates but moved away and we kind of lost contact with them. They didn’t tell us why but now they are back in the area and we have the opportunity to keep teaching and I am sure they will be just as receptive as the last time. The other time was when we were teaching 4 children. They were a referral from a member that we started teaching a couple weeks ago. We were never able to find their mom because she a single mom and is always working and works until really late so its been really hard to get in contact with her. We wanted to have permission to keep teaching her children. They said it was ok but we wanted to be sure. So this week we tried really hard and this Sunday we were able to talk to her. She was kind of hesitant at first but she signed the baptismal permission slips for her 4 kids. Andrea(18), Isabel(14), Cristian(12), and Veronica(8). That was a big blessing and an answer to our prayers and the best part is the member that gave us the referral lives right in front of them and goes every Sunday to pick them up and take them home. They’ve come to church and have even attended two baptisms. Our prayers have definitely been answered. 

These are some of the great times I had this week and there are many more. I love the mission and I love you guys. 

Elder Grigor

We got a sweet email today from a young man named Johnny. He was
 baptized 9 months ago and has brought 9 of his friends into the gospel. 
He was telling us that he loves Elder Grigor and that he is his best friend. 
We were able to email back and forth using google translate to speak to 
him in Spanish. It was such a great experience to hear how he feels about 
Elder Grigor and about the missionary work that is happening in Cochabamba. 

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