Sunday, 20 July 2014

I was really missing home this week

July 14th, 2014 


Well I don’t really know where to start, this week was kind of tough for me, I was missing home a lot for a couple of days, well mostly these last couple of day with the wedding and everything but at least I was there in cutout form so thats better than nothing, those pictures came out super great, that cutout is awesome. I was really surprised how good it actually came out, I like that picture too better than the one that I took. 

Well this week has made me more trunky than probably ever before seeing all of the family together and having fun at the stampede and all having fun together. But I know that I am needed here a lot more than I am needed there. So I just need to get to work and no offence but try to forget about you guys. I am really happy here though, although this week wasn't the best I am loving mission life. 

So I didn’t really take pictures this week but they are turning out normal so I don’t think that I am going to buy a new camera, The picture this week are when we put 9 people into a taxi, you can’t really see all of them but it is a normal sized car and there are 10 people in total with the taxi driver. That was today after we went and played ultimate frisbee and soccer for like 2 hours this morning. I try to spend most of my day playing soccer. After this we are going to meet up at the stake centre and play some more soccer. I really love it, I could play all day if they gave me the option, I’m not even that good but I just love running around and kicking the ball around. I now understand why Uncle Jorge loves watching soccer so much, it’s addicting. If we were allowed I would have watched every game of the world cup. We just saw it passing by in the street and when we heard everyone scream. Yesterday for the final there was absolutely no one in the street, everyone was in their house watching the soccer game. 

This week we were really trying to teach with members and we saw some great results. First we are teaching the sister of Zuleme who is a recent convert and now her sister is coming to church and wants to be baptized. I think it’s the fastest I have ever taught anyone on my whole mission. We finished almost all the lessons in these two weeks and she has a baptismal date for this august. Now we will just be preparing her and making sure she has a strong testimony. Then we are teaching another guy who was a referral of a member and we’ve been able to teach all the lessons with him and he’s also super excited about this gospel and to be baptized. He is 20 years old and was asking us about the mission and then the member asked if he wanted to serve a mission and he said he was thinking about it (this was the second lesson). I am really thankful for the help of the members and all of the support that they give us. Without the members it really would be a lot harder to be here in the mission. Members make all the difference. 

I also got to give a talk in sacrament meeting this Sunday. They called us on Saturday and we had no time to plan so what I did is used that family history story that grandma send me about Elder Fisher when he was on his mission and they found the loaf of bread on the side of the road. Everyone loved it and all asked me about it after the meeting. I am really grateful for the faithful members of the church that were able to strengthen their families back then and how they keep doing it. Their faith and perseverance really helps me through the hard times. 

Me and my comp are getting along great, he goes home in 4 weeks so we still got a little bit of time to keep having fun together. Everything is going great, thanks for the email and the love. Y’all are the best

Elder Grigor

Cole, "Elder Grigor" and Lauren 

Our life size cut out of Elder Grigor with his siblings on Lauren's wedding day 

Elder Grigor in the taxi with 9 people

On his way to play soccer 

Elder Grigor is great at taking selfies. 

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