Sunday, 20 July 2014

I know the spirit guided us.

July 7th, 2014 

Hola familia!!

Where to start.... We had a pretty good week this week, we finally got to meet the new mission president. We had a "consejo de lideres" on wednesday, I think that means like leadership council or something like that. But it was pretty cool, we learned a lot. He said for 5 days he was learning from the 12 apostles and the first presidency about how to be a mission president. I’m excited to get to know him better and learn from him, he is really nice and has a great knowledge of the gospel. I didn’t get to talk to him too much but this friday we have interviews with him and then I think we have a zone conference the week after so we’ll get to know him just a little better over these next couple of weeks so I’m really excited for that.

The week honestly just flew by. I don’t know how it went by so fast but it was great, I had so many awesome testimony strengthening experiences so I will share a couple. I was on an exchange with Elder J. and we weren't having much success so we decided to start heading over to an appointment but said we were just going to street contact in a park to try and find some new investigators. He said " yeah so I’ll follow you”. I just kind of laughed and then looked at all the people there and saw a mother with her kid on the teeter totter so we went over and decided to talk to her and as we were walking over she said: “hi elders”.  That kind of shocked me and I asked her if she had talked to the missionaries before and she said no but that almost her whole family are members and that her nephew just recently came back from the mission in chile.  She goes to church all the time with her sister but in another ward. We started to teach her a little and got into the restoration and she basically knew the whole lesson. It was quite an awesome experience because that never had happened to me before, she was one of the most prepared people I have ever met. When we set up an appointment she asked if she could bring a friend too and we said of course!!! The only bad part is that she lives in the area of Elder J. and not me :( but I'm just happy that we were able to find her and that she will be able to hear our message. So that makes me happy :)

Then just yesterday we were leaving from lunch with the members and we decided to go a different way than normal and as we were walking there was a lady waving. I thought it was to a different person so I was looking around and realized we were the only ones so I waved back and she told us to come over. There were two families outside. One family who came from Santa Cruz was out visiting some other members of their family who were members. They just recently just had a death in the family so they were going to try and give a little bit of comfort and explain about the plan of salvation. Just as they were explaining about that we walked by so they waved us over and asked if we could talk a little, so we were able to testify of the plan of salvation and how families can be together forever, and that is just what that family needed at that moment. Then setting up for an appointment for another day they told us that there were about 2 other families that lived in that house and that they would like to listen too.

In both of those experiences I know that the spirit guided us to be able to help those people in the moment that they needed it, the mission is so great. Times like this just make all the tough times seem like nothing. I love being here in the mission more and more everyday, I love it!!!

Well I love you guys and all the letter and pictures, so glad that you guys are having a great summer.

Lots of love from down here in Bolivia,

Elder Grigor

The missionaries eating the gigantic pizza in Cochabamba. 

Elder Grigor making silly faces 

Having fun at the festival playing a shooting game 

Elder Grigor with a dancer from the festival 

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