Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Day 10 with no electricity!

Hello Family, 

Well I have a lot to tell you guys but I don’t know where to start, this might be a very random letter. 

We are on DAY 10 without electricity, and honestly I am not very happy about it. We keep trying to get it fixed but something else comes up, like a wedding or the electrician goes on vacation, or gets lost or something like that. We called another one to come today and he also got lost so hopefully he comes tomorrow so that we can finally have some electricity again. I just feel like i am camping all the time, we are just doing everything by flashlight so that’s pretty fun. 

Another random story that happened this week, so we went into a house and right as we walked in one of the dogs bit my companion. Not very hard, but you could see the teeth marks on his leg. And then we were waiting for them to bring chairs and I decided to sit on the stairs while waiting for them to come and I felt something warm on my back. At first I thought it was just the sun but then I realized that the other dog was behind me peeing on my back, that was not a fun experience. The first time a dog has peed on me. I don’t think those dogs wanted us to be there. We didn’t feel very welcomed by them, but the family was super cool and they listened to us so that was good,. I kind of don’t want to go back because I am afraid of the dogs and what they are going to do to us. But I guess we just got to keep enduring haha

We just had lots of challenges this week. One day we were about to go out and work and we found out that we were locked in the house. We just recently made copies of the keys and we had the copied one. What we didn't know is that it only opened the door from the outside and not the inside if that makes sense. So coming into the house is fine but to unlock the door from the inside is impossible. So to unlock the door we would have to go and do it from the outside. And since no one was home and we dead bolted the door, the only option was to jump the wall and open the door from the outside so thats what I did. I had to jump the wall and open the door. I think lots of people thought we were robbing the house or something but we were able to escape and get out to teach.

This week in general was pretty hard, there were lots of people who just really didn't want to talk us. We were trying really hard to share the gospel with everyone but sometimes they just really don't want to listen. Yesterday for example was just really tough. We had appointments the whole day and all of them fell through so we tried to talk to people in the street but they were not interested and all of our backup plans were falling through. We were left with like no options, we tried to call some references but the numbers were wrong or turned off and I was just getting really disappointed. I really didn't know what to do so my companion said we will just go visit some members and see if we can help with anything. We went to one and they weren't home so it came to both of our minds to go look for a less active that lived close that we hadn't been able to find for a really long time. And to our luck the whole family was there. Only the mom and sister are members and the rest of the family aren't. We were able to share a message with them and invite them back to church and they said that they are going to come. I was really happy to meet them and I know that the Lord guided us there.

I really wish I could just send a video home of my week to show everything that happens. So much I wish I could tell and so little time. 

Love you lots, thanks for the pictures I really enjoyed them.

Lots of Love 

Elder Grigor 

"We had some fun at Burger King, its like the only North American Restaurant here" 

Elder Grigor finding a piece of home. We all call his older sister Ashley "Ash" for short. 

 Escaping from our house

Climbing over the wall 

He made it. Now to go open the door to let his companion out too

Eating dinner 

Day 10 with no electricity. Still doing everything by flashlight.

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