Sunday, 27 July 2014

It's a hard life without light

July 21,2014

Hello Family,

Well another week more and another week less. This week also just seemed to fly by, I have no idea why but the weeks just keep getting shorter and shorter. Before the mission everyone always told me that the second half of the mission goes by way faster than the first and that is definitely feeling true, which is weird because time hasn’t changed at all. Maybe just because I’m just used to everything now. It’s a weird feeling.

But anyways I shall share a little from my week. It was a pretty good one, one thing that happened though was that our electricity went out in the house on Saturday morning. So we couldn’t use our iron or take a hot shower or do many of the things that we needed to do. After trying to figure out what went wrong we just went to the other elders house to take a shower and get ready there. They told us that they were going to fix it on Saturday but they didn’t do anything. So on Saturday night we had no light so we did everything with our flashlights. Then Sunday came and we just had to shower in our pensionistas house and do everything there because it was way closer. We still don’t have light or electricity in our house, apparently they are going to fix it today so I’m praying for that. It’s a hard life without light.

That little made me think a little about how Jesus Christ is the life and the light of the world. It is impossible to do anything without him, well maybe not impossible but really hard!!!! Everything is so much easier when we have light to guide us in our lives. It’s hard to function in everyday life if we don’t have his light, and I guess that could be applied to daily scripture study and prayer. When we don’t do it maybe we have just enough light to get by and to do the necessary things like using a flashlight. But when we have a meaningful study and are fervently praying it’s like the electricity coming on and the whole room is enlightened and we can function with much more ease. It’s funny how such a little experience like that can cause us to think in such a different way. If our electricity would not have gone out then maybe I wouldn’t have thought about that. But I know that the spirit teaches us thorough many different ways, some more strange than others.

There are so many experiences like this that happen in the mission but sometimes we just don’t realize them. I think now I am trying to look for the best in all that comes. Instead of complaining or whining I try to find what I can learn and how I can be better which is something I didn’t really do before, but now I am able to understand just a little bit better.

I really am having a great time here in the mission, I love my companion and everything that I am learning. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, love you guys lots, hope you have a great week, (happy early b-day mom, love you lots).

Elder Grigor

Elder Grigor drinking herbal tea and eating popcorn 

Having hot chocolate with a family that just got baptized 

No electricity in our apartment 

Making the best of having no light 

It snowed up in the mountains. Something Elder Grigor has missed seeing.

Elder Grigor in Bolivia

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