Monday, 10 November 2014

I just need to accept his will and everything will turn out great

Hey Family,

So it has been pretty hard to get into email today. We went didn’t go to the one we usually go to because it’s kind of near the city centre and we didn’t want to go all the way down there but we totally should have. We went to like 4 other places and they were all full and when we finally got in the internet wasn’t working so we came to another one and now I am finally in but it’s kind of slow so I am just writing in Microsoft word until it loads up. I will probably do this more often now because then I won’t have as many spelling mistakes.

Well this week went by super-fast. It was pretty complicated with the transfers though. Usually everyone from outside who has a transfer to Cochabamba goes by plane and it’s really easy because the secretaries buy the flights and we just have to make sure that they get on safely and it’s not a big deal. But because of “todos santos” there were no flights and we had to rent out a huge bus and send them in that. That was just a big pain in the butt and we didn’t have enough money but we made it work out. They got to Cochabamba really late though; I hope that’s the last time we have to do that. Flights are way easier. The good part though was that by Thursday when we had to go to Cochabamba there were lots of flights and there were no problems. I loved that trip, when we got there we went to Rodizios and it was delicious. We are definitely going there when we come down. It costs 80 bolivianos a person which is like 12 dollars for all you can eat meat and the salad bar is the bomb. We will be going there in December also when we go back to Cochabamba. After we went to the post office to send off some packages, I sent Lauren’s to the house. So it should be getting there in about 3 weeks, while we were leaving we passed by a little store and it looked really familiar and it just happened to be the store of some of converts from Villa Graciela. I never knew where the store was though. We went in and they were really shocked that I was there because I didn’t tell them I was coming. That’s when Isabel wrote to you on Facebook. I was there with them for about half an hour. It was really good seeing them again. Then we went and visited some of my companions converts and went to the dentist. It was a really good day.

On Friday we had our leadership conference and we woke up early to go play dunk ball at a little kids court by the house we were sleeping in, it was a good time. The conference was great and I was really inspired to know what to do with my zone to get better this transfer. One is to work harder with the members and really plant that into the zones mindset especially when we do exchanges. I know that is something we have to work on and get better, I think the problem is that most people just get comfortable working on their own and it’s a little bit of a hassle sometimes to get the members to help us, but I know it is something that we really need to do if we want to see better results in the work of salvation. I am really happy with my zone, they are working hard and we are seeing results from that, I know that we will keep it up in this transfer. 

I am really happy with everything that is happening here, we are going to keep trying to be positive and I know we will see the results. It’s going to be a great week. I was studying this morning from the Ensign from October and I really liked the message of the jade cabbage and was studying about that. I know I am not the best servant and I have many weaknesses but I know that the lord has a great plan for me. I just need to accept his will and everything will turn out great. 

Love you guys lots, hope you have a great week. 

Elder Grigor

"We ate pizza for Elder Jacobson's birthday"

"When we went to Cochabamba for leadership council we went to a place called Rodizios and it was delicious. 
Just like home. I was the last one with little piece of wood with the green up :) "

"This is where we play dunk ball, the rims are like 8 feet, it's awesome."
Elder Grigor and his companion making a cake

This is where he studies each morning

Elder Grigor's room

"The shower is still small, but it's way nicer" 

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