Monday, 10 November 2014

The gospel needs to be taught to all the ends of the earth

November 3rd, 2014 

Hey Fam,

Well this week were transfers and I’m staying here in Sucre with my companion. Well I kind of thought that I was going to be staying here so it wasn't a big surprise. This is however my 7th transfer as a zone leader which is really weird. I’m like the oldest one. I don’t know why I have been a zone leader for so long but it must be for something. I’ve seen most of the people from my group go up after me and drop before me. But I love it, I would be totally fine to be a zone leader for the rest of my mission. If I could have a wish though I would go to Villazon and train to finish out. I would like to just have no responsibilities and totally focus on just teaching but well see how it all turns out. I’m really anxious to find out the next transfer, even though we are just starting this one. I’m happy to stay with my companion for one more transfer though, we are getting along really well and enjoying the area, so it should be a great transfer. 

This week was pretty busy for us, we just had lots of random things to do that didn't leave us lots of time to work. We moved houses and are now in the bishops house. He  built a 3rd floor on his house and it’s pretty cool. There are two rooms and a bathroom and a kitchen and a huge terrace type thing. But he hasn't quite finished yet so we are staying in another room until he finishes it. He said that probably this week it will be done so then we will move our things up there. I will send pictures of it next week. So I also have some bad news, my memory card has another virus or something on it again and it won’t let me send pictures anymore. It says that it is formatted and it can’t read it. The same thing that happened before, I’m going to try and fix it but until then I am going to use the other memory card  that i have, so i cant send any pictures this week. But I will be sending pictures for sure next week. I promise. 

So this week was pretty tough for us teaching wise, there were lots of temporal things that took us away from our area and from working. When we were in our area we also didn't have much luck, I feel like we are failing in something but I don’t know what it is. Things just seems to be falling through a lot. But we are seeing lots of new doors open and new opportunities and are really optimistic for this transfer. This week I had the opportunity to do an exchange and we had a really great time, he is a great missionary and has a great love for the people there in Santo Domingo and there are many people waiting and ready to hear the gospel. I understand a little bit better that the gospel needs to be taught to all the ends of the earth.  We had to walk about 10 minutes to take a bus for another 30 minutes to get out to one part of the area where we spent most of the day. I really enjoyed it. 

This week will be another crazy week, tomorrow are the transfers and we basically direct everyone who is going to Cochabamba and coming from Cochabamba so we lose a large part of our day doing that, it should be a fun time. On Thursday we are going to a leadership conference in Cochabamba and we get back on Saturday so we aren't going to have much time to work here this week but we are going to do everything possible. Well this was pretty much my week, and what will be happening. 

Love you guys lots.

Elder Grigor

*We got pictures this week (November10th) that were supposed to go with this email. 

Going on exchanges

Elder Grigor's temporary home until their new place is ready 

"We carved a pineapple and watermelon for halloween. It was awesome"

Painting their new home

If you don't have a just stack furniture!

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