Sunday, 30 November 2014

I liked being there.

November 24th, 2014

Hello Padres,

¿Como están? I’m just kidding am not going to write in Spanish, although it would be pretty cool. I actually love speaking Spanish; I hope that I don’t lose it. I’m just going to have to go to Spanish wards and go to Spanish sessions in the temple. I sometimes don’t realize that I am just huge white guy but I feel like I am just a little Latino who speaks Spanish all the time. I think that because people always tell me that I speak really well and that I don’t really have an accent. I’ve had many people ask me if we speak Spanish in Canada and are always shocked when I tell them that I learned here in Bolivia. It makes me feel good.

Well this week was really great, we had almost the whole week to work and there was nothing that we really had to do. Just take an elder to the bus terminal and buy his ticket but that was like nothing compared to what we usually have to do. We did a couple of exchanges with the missionaries also to see how they are doing and help them out. I was with Elder Pachas from Peru, who speaks perfect English so the whole day we just spoke in English and got each other a little trunky but it was fun, we had a great time together in his area. I really like doing exchanges to get to know the missionaries better and making friends.

So as a zone we want to go to the seven waterfalls and we made the goal to have at least 50 lessons with members this week as a zone because that has been one of our week points. To be honest we tried probably the hardest we ever have to teach with members and it just seemed that nothing was working out. When we had members to come with us the appointments fell through, and when we really needed them at appointments they cancelled on us. But I guess it’s the effort that counts, luckily the rest of the zone had more luck that we did and we were able to teach 52 lessons with members this week. We are really happy with their work and what we want is to teach even more this week with members and to keep getting  better every week.

Everything is going pretty well here, the work is pretty hard in Sucre. I was looking at my numbers from my other areas and they were almost double of what we have here, we still don’t have anyone who is ready to be baptized, we are working really but we just haven’t seen the fruits quite yet. I think the next transfer is when lots of people will finally be ready. I probably won’t be here though. But oh well, whatever happens I’m happy with the way we’ve been working here.

This week we are going to have our zone conference so I am excited for that, the president will be coming down to teach us. It should be another great week. Well I hope you have a great time in Maui, love you guys

Elder Grigor

"Well these are the only pictures that I took this week, on an 
exchange we were walking and I noticed that they had Canada 
written on the door. But to my surprise the whole avenue was called 
Canada and the whole neighbourhood. I liked being there." 

 "Also we were knocking doors and I saw this. It says "abogado" which
 means lawyer. Something interesting about Bolivia is that doctors,
 dentists and lawyers don't really make that much money." 

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