Thursday, 20 November 2014

We just really need to DO it.

November 17th, 2014 

Sup dawgs,

So this week was pretty tough to be honest. We tried really hard to get lots of work done but there are always things that come up. Like one morning we had to go pick up an elder from the airport and send him to Potosi. We got there at 10 to pick him up and send him off but his flight had a 2 hour delay and no one told us, so we just had to wait there and then he got in around 1230. That took away our whole morning. We also had stake conference here in Sucre this weekend. It was pretty awesome, except for on Sunday morning there was no electricity. We were supposed to start at 10 but we didn’t get started until 11. During that hour we weren’t sure what to do. We were trying to keep the spirit and one of the sister’s came and asked me if we could make a little missionary choir and sing for a little bit. So I gathered everyone up and we sang for about 45 minutes. It actually went by pretty fast and I think it helped pass the time pretty effectively. The President and his wife were there too and decided to come up and join us, it was a pretty fun time.  I really enjoyed stake conference. I just love all church meetings. My perspective has changed quite a bit since I’ve been here on my mission. I didn’t used to care as much as I do now. I’m excited to go back and be able to bear my testimony to everyone. Here also they had all the future missionaries bear their testimonies who are about to go out. That made me think about my call and I realized that it has been 2 years since I got my call. It was November 15th, 2012. It’s gone by fast.

So this week our zone wants to go to the seven waterfalls. We are going to make a goal of 50 lessons with members during the week for the whole zone. Looking at the numbers of the zone we realized that there are many who have struggled with having lessons with members, ourselves included. Since I’ve been here in Sucre the maximum we have had is 38. I take partial responsibility for maybe not emphasizing as much as I should have the importance of working with the members but I think everyone will work extra hard this week to work with the members, Then once we know that we can do it we will just keep building and getting even better. I know that is what we need here in Sucre more than anything. Having the members involved will change a lot. Saying it is easy, I think we have been saying that we need to do it for over a year and a half almost but now we just really need to DO it.

I think this week should go a lot smoother. We don’t really have anything that will take up our time, there are no conferences and no one to take to a new area so everything should be a good and I think we will have a whole week in the area to just work hard and be focused. At least that is the plan. Well I love you guys.

Hope you guys have a great week, we’ll be talking soon.

Elder Grigor

The Elders made a cake for a sister missionary for her birthday

"A funny sign that means " I'm an offender because I don't have
 proper road education". They put that on all the cars on top of giving
 them a ticket so that everyone knows that they are bad drivers." 

Elder Grigor and his companion 

Elder Grigor in Sucre 

Always with a smile on his face being goofy! 

A castle the zone went visit 

It's so beautiful in Sucre, but one thing 
Elder Grigor misses is the snow in Canada. 

 Elder Grigor usually finds something to jump off of. 

Love the two thumbs up 

They look a little big for the windows :) 

Companionship love

I love how Elder Grigor is as tall as the doorways in Bolivia 

Elder Grigor with his zone in Sucre 

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