Monday, 1 July 2013

When we follow the rules we are blessed!

                                We LOVE getting pictures from Elder Grigor.
                          Life is so different for him down in Bolivia!
Elder Grigor's journal
Sheep just chillin' on the road
Snow in the mountains in Bolivia
So these pictures are my journal -you can notice when I got down to Bolivia, when the pages start getting darker and darker that’s when I got here. It shows how much dirtier it is haha, and that just sits on my desk, I really don’t know how it got so dirty. Then random sheep walking in the street. There are always cows or sheep or chickens just chillen in the road, and the snow on the mountains. It’s really cold here in the morning and night. And in the afternoon it’s super hot.    

So another week more another week less! This week was pretty great, we had a lot of success thanks to our new mission leader. Actually he isn’t new, we just finally have a mission leader and he is awesome! He’s a returned missionary of one year so he still remembers all the things that we need to do. He is helping so much with getting members to teach with us and setting up appointments. You guys probably don’t care that much, but for me having an awesome mission leader is like life changing! I’m so excited for this upcoming month. It should be the best one yet.

So my cool story of the week is about Eli, he is nine years old. His mom is a member but for some reason didn’t want him to be baptized until he was older and could decide for himself. He wanted to at 8 years old but she thought she would wait. Anyways the stake president came the other week and kind of chastised everyone that thought they should wait for their kids to be baptized. At the end of the meeting she came up to us and said "Elders I want you to baptise Eli. We thought that was awesome and that we would have a baptism for sure. We went to his house that week and taught him a lesson and he didn’t want to hear any of it. We asked him if he would at least try to see what Heavenly Father had to say. He said he wouldn’t and that he didn’t want to get baptized. Honestly he was being a big pain in the butt. But we can’t force anyone to do anything, so we just left it alone and kind of didn’t worry about him. We went back this week to teach him and I don’t know what happened but he was in a great mood and he said he had prayed and that he should get baptized, but he still wasn’t super enthusiastic. But by the end of the lesson he was chanting "quiero bautizarme" which means I want to get baptized. I think his mom had something to do with it but more than anything just the influence of the spirit and the power of the spirit to change hearts. And now he is going to be baptized on the 13th and we are working with his cousins and aunt too. I’m hoping that there will be a change for them too!! I would be so happy for that.

I slept in this week until 7 on Wednesday because my alarm didn’t go off, that day I was the most tired I’ve been my whole mission. It just goes to show when we follow the rules we are blessed! And now for the talent show, I wish I could send videos but I can’t. The talent show was awesome, with the Zone leaders we acted the life of a missionary in the morning. But we were mini missionaries, Elder Valda was in front and his arms were the feet and I was behind being his arms, I can’t explain it very well and the person filming didn’t take a picture. I just have the video but it was awesome!! We did exercises and then got a call from the mission president and ate food and shaved and everything it was awesome and super funny. I wish I could explain it better. And at the very end we read letters and one elder got an awesome letter and the other a dear john and it ended like that with sad music and crying then the curtains shut, it really was awesome. I had a ton of fun. That’s my week more or less haha.

Loved hearing from everyone. Hope you guys have a great week, love you!!

Elder Grigor
Happy Canada Day!
Elder Grigor and ward members at the talent show
Elder Grigor pretending to eat a big bug!

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