Thursday, 25 July 2013

I really love helping people

Getting a little exercise!
Loving the ride up to Tunari!
Just waiting for the Llama's to cross.
Freezing up in the mountains.
Elder Grigor's fun personality shining through
Love the expression on his face.
Elder Grigor and Elder Valda
These are my pictures from going to Tunari today, it was about 2 hours in a trufi (Bolivian Taxi) just to go see some snow, for me it wasn’t anything special and it was freezing but I had fun. For Elder Valda it was his first time touching snow in his life so that was really cool for him it was a fun day.

Well now I will tell you about my week, it was a pretty good week and we had a lot of success with investigators coming to church and our lessons and it was really just a great week!! We did lots of service this week.

The picture (picture is below) I sent is the first time we went to help a family do some digging and a bunch of other random things. The whole neighborhood where we went to help hasn’t had water for about a month so every morning they have to walk and get water in buckets. At first we were helping the family bring water to their house and we realized that the whole neighborhood needed water so we got the 10 elders to help the rest of the people. That was the best part of that day, knowing that we could help a whole neighborhood get water. Elder K. and I were helping one lady and after we finished she was so grateful that we were helping her and we filled her little tank that she had. It had been extremely tough for her because her mom just got out of the hospital and she’s been taking care or her and both her sons just went off to university so she’s been all alone everyday going to get water. She said she had been praying for help and strength and then "two angels" came and helped her. I really love helping people, although my shoulders were really sore the next day and I was super tired it was totally worth it.

Mosiah 2:17 is a great scripture about service and I really did feel like not only was I helping this lady but I was in the service of my god. It really is a blessing to serve Heavenly Father on my mission and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Another service activity was that we went to help a lady wash some of her dogs, she has 60. She rescues dogs, cleans them, and then gives them away. She uses all her own money to help these dogs, it’s amazing!! Washing all the dogs was fun, I wish I would have taken some pictures but I forgot.

One of the best parts of my week was the baptism of Eli, he’s such a great little guy. The hot water broke and there wasn’t hot water and he almost didn’t get baptized because he didn’t want to go into the cold water but little by little he made his way into the water and it was all great!! Before he was so shy and didn’t talk but whenever we see him at church now he’s playing with the others kids and comes and gives us high fives. It’s awesome to see the change that happens in people’s lives from the gospel. We have another baptism this Saturday of Alejandro, he too is a great guy and he wants me to baptize him which will be my first time so I’m excited for that. I will tell you guys all about it next week.

Have a great week and I will talk to you soon!!

Love, Elder Grigor
Service project

Elder Grigor, Eli and Elder Valda
Elder Grigor & Elder Valda with Eli and Eli's family.
 Peeling potatoes. Love the big knives they have to use.
Elder Grigor eating the salchipapas they made
from the potatoes that they peeled.


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