Monday, 8 July 2013

The lost email!

July 8th 9:58 AM:  Mom, I lost the whole email that I wrote, the internet cut out and I lost everything right as I was sending it. And I don’t have time to write another one.  I’m going to try and at least send some pictures but it’s being super frustrating right now.

To which I wrote back quickly to Elder Grigor: "If you have time tonight- just write down on a paper letter what your week was like and mail it. Then at least I can update your blog with that letter when it comes. It would still be nice to know what your week was like even if I hear about it a month from now."

 Then I got these pictures randomly over an hour in my inbox.
Elder Grigor with his Llama shirt and his Canadian Flag!

Elder Grigor eating a yummy hot dog.
 Love the camera case on his tray.
Elder Grigor having fun bowling on his p-day
Having even more fun because he won!

July 8th 2:14 pm – this wonderful email arrived in my inbox. It was floating around in cyber space for awhile! He sent it at 10:10 AM but I never got it until this afternoon. So grateful for simple small miracles of technology for a missionary mom!

I’m going to try to write as much as I can now. We woke up at
4:30 AM on Tuesday and went to the temple for the first time and it was awesome. I really love the temple and the feelings that I get there are like nowhere else, it was great to see some of my friends from the MTC because the whole mission went. It was seriously such a great day. I think I appreciated it even more because of the fact that I know I can’t go back for 3 more months. We went bowling and shopping on p-day. I won in bowling, it was so fun, and I bought some jerseys and a llama shirt, it’s like the puma one but says llama and has a puma jumping the letters, it’s awesome! I’m going to try and send a picture. On the 4th we couldn’t leave the apartment because the Bolivian President was mad at the Americans for some reason, you’ll have to research that. The zone leaders came over and made pancakes and we did exchanges.  The Spanish elders left and Elder Knighy and I had a vacation in the apartment. It was so nice just to have a day of English and not have to worry about Spanish. He also gave me some great advice. It was a great relaxing de-stress day. I really needed that. So this week in our zone meeting the same thing happened that happened in the MTC. The zone leaders gave us a picture of Jesus Christ and told us to look at it and they would have some people share what they think at the very end. They finished with the people and for some reason the zone leader asked me to share what I was thinking. Just like in the MTC I broke down and cried while I was sharing what I thought. It was such a spiritual experience. I’m so grateful for the inspired leaders we have in the church. It was a tough week numbers wise this week, like worst of my mission so far but I’m optimistic for next week. Love you guys and hope you have a great week.

Talk to you soon

Elder Grigor

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