Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Sometimes we just need to extend a hand

October 28th, 2013

Whaddup homies, 

Well your trip to Mexico looks awesome, I loved all the pictures. I would love to go on a trip like that when I get back. I want to be able to put my Spanish to use. But the Mexican Spanish and Bolivian Spanish is a little different. But almost the same. Did the people you played volleyball with only speak Spanish or did they speak a little English? 

Well ya last Monday we went to a place called Punata. And apparently there is a place close to their called Arani where apparently they have the best bread in all of Bolivia. That’s what everyone say, so we went there just to explore and then went to Arani to buy bread. And it was gross. It was hard and stale. Well they probably just gave me the hard and stale bread because I’m gringo, that’s usually how it works. And I always get over charged for everything. Sometimes I don’t like being white. 

Tuesday night I was officially made district leader and well not that much changed. The only thing I had to do differently was report my numbers from the district which wasn’t that hard. I have to prepare a class for tomorrow but that will be easy. I’m excited, I like teaching. I think being a district leader is going to be awesome. Everyone says that when you’re a district leader and training it’s the best. I’m not training anymore though. He’s technically finished with his training so now we study less in the morning and have more time to teach before lunch. I really like that. 

So this week was kind of tough, our investigators that were progressing moved out of the area, and the other who was supposed to be baptized this Saturday just suddenly changed her mind. I was really excited that we were having success and that we were going to have some more baptisms but all of them fell through this week. That was kind of disappointing but I’m trying to not get discouraged. But something amazing also happened, I was really praying and hoping that someone would show up to church. Since all that had been coming moved, or cancelled I wasn’t sure who would be able to come. I just put my faith in the Lord and was hoping for the best. When we showed up to church we saw the husband of a recent convert who had never come to church before, sitting in the congregation. That kind of shocked me and I was so happy that he was actually able to be there once. At first he wouldn’t even talk to the missionaries, but over time visiting their house, doing service and trying to show that we care for his family he has opened up little by little. I don’t know when or with who but I know that he is going to be baptized. Everyone has their own time, I hope right now is his time. If not that’s ok. Also another old investigator showed up to church who hadn’t come in months. I know that my prayers were answered and although we had a kind of disappointing week with our current investigators, we were blessed with others. 

We also had a great experience last night with a less active member. We were walking in the street about 3 weeks ago and someone pointed us to her house and told us that there was a less active member of 25 years there. We thought that it would be a little tough to get into the house. We tried a few times but she was never home, but yesterday we knocked on the door and she was excited to see us and said we could come in. We had a great lesson and she was very nice to us and at the end said that she would come to church this week. Another story almost the same happened a couple of weeks ago. We were walking in the street and we received a reference of some less actives, so we went to their house and they let us in. The parents aren’t members but their kids are, their oldest has now come to church twice and he even said he really wants to serve a mission. So we are helping his prepare for that. Both of these experiences reminded me of the talk by President Uchtdorf in the priesthood session. When he was talking about when he went skiing with his family and fell over and wasn’t able to get us until his grandson came over and offered to help. It’s like less active members, sometimes they can’t do it by themselves no matter how much they try. They just need a little bit of help and an extended hand to show the way. 

Well that was my week more or less. I feel like I’m missing something but those are some of the main things. I hope you guys have a great week and a safe trip home.

Love you guys. Talk to you soon. 

Elder Grigor
Our sleepy missionary on the way to Punata
Creeping on his sleeping companion
Cool shot on the way to Punata
Cute little bunny
I think it's going to be dinner :(
That's one large rabbit
Probably not the smartest thing to do beside a mean bull!
Random cows in the streets of Bolivia

Elder Grigor with his Zone
When people want to get rid of stuff in Bolivia,
they just burn it in the streets.

In Elder Grigor's words: "This sign basically says:
If you steal, we will beat you up
I thought it was funny."

A dead cat on a stick.
" my pensionista's kid that just falls asleep anywhere"
Elder Grigor and his companion.
Ninja Missionaries :)
Just being goofy!


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