Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Lord puts people in our path

 October 21st, 2013

What up Family!!

Well where to start, I never know. So I sent a ton of pictures, I hope you got them all. Also we had transfers yesterday. I’m still in the same area, this will be my 5th transfer, I’m pretty sure that the next transfer I will be leaving for sure. I’m with my same companion too, Elder V. I’m pretty happy about that, he is great guy and I think we will have a great transfer together. The only thing that changed is that I’m now a district leader!! Although I’m not really sure exactly what I’m supposed to do yet I think it will be a great experience and I know that I am going to learn a lot from this position. I’m excited for the opportunity to serve my fellow missionaries and hopefully I will be able to help them. Except for my companion they all have more time in the mission and more experience but I know the Lord will help me an guide me to be able to know what to teach and in what ways I can serve and help. It’s kind of funny, everything the mission president has told me in my interviews have come true. In my first one he said my next companion probably wouldn’t be as good as my trainer and well he locked me in the apartment and ran away. And in this last one he said I would soon be a leader in the mission. I didn’t think it would be this soon, but I’m excited!!

So time for an awesome experience, this week we were heading to an appointment and I saw a girl walk into her house and I had a really strong feeling to talk to her but she had already shut the door so we just continued on to our appointment. But like normal when I get a strong feeling to talk to someone and I don’t, the appointment that we go to falls through, so we turned around back to house where the girl had entered. As we were walking we heard "Elders!!” turns out there were some members coming with their moving truck. They were moving in from another ward and they asked if we could help. Of course we said yes and helped them unload and move things into their house. After we had a little lesson and got to know the family a little. It was weird but only in the hour that we were helping and talking we got to become really good friends. They’ve already invited us to dinner twice and they said whenever we need someone to come with us to appointments they are willing and ready to help. Crazy how just a little service can strengthen the relationship of the missionaries and members so fast. This family is such a huge blessing for us and I’m so grateful to have one family more to help us in the work. Oh and I almost forgot, the girl who had walked into the house that I wanted to talk to was one of the daughters of this family. It always amazes me how and when the Lord puts people into our path for our benefit and the benefit of others. 

And to explain about why I had another baptism is kind of a funny story. I went on exchanges with the Zone leaders for a day and we went to go do a baptismal interview. I had barely ever talked to this family before and didn’t really know them but the mom of the family asked me to baptize her. It was kind of shocking and I wasn’t expecting that but I said yes and baptized her. It was awesome because Elder H. and Elder V. ( zone leader ) are like my best friends in the zone so it was awesome to be a part of their baptism. 

Also this week like you’ll see in the pictures I did a lot of cooking, one day we made donuts and another day we made bread. I am starting to become a master chef. It was really fun to cook, I don’t do that very often. The only thing I cook is cereal in the morning haha. Cooking every once in a while is a nice change. 

Well I hope you like the pictures and I hope you guys have a great time in Mexico this week. I’m sure you will.

Love you lots, talk to you soon. 

Elder Grigor
Elder Grigor at the Zone Leaders Baptism
Elder Grigor mixing the dough
Elder Grigor kneading bread dough
Elder Grigor and the finished product. Yummy Bread!
Little children in Bolivia  
Elder Grigor- our goofy missionary


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