Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Lord works in mysterious ways

Well my week was pretty awesome! Well except for deleting my pictures last week that was kind of lame. I am going to talk it to a member that works with computers and cameras and maybe they can look at it, or would you rather that I just send it home for you guys? 

So Tuesday we went to the temple again!!! It had been such a long time and I loved going back I was starting to forget a few things. But it was great, they didn’t have the new video when I went maybe the next time I go it will be there.  I bought some DVD’s too to watch, one called On the Lords Errand and another called Special Witnesses of Jesus Christ. And I did buy that Lamb of God one so you don’t need to send it. One is a documentary about President Monson and the other about the apostles bearing their testimony of the gospel. They are so powerful and it really strengthens my testimony to hear the testimony of others, especially general authorities of the Lord.

After that we just had a really good week together, me and my companion are getting along great and finding lots of new people and teaching a lot of lessons. The problem right now is that no one comes to church so there aren’t progressing. It’s kind of frustrating at times but something I am learning to be better at is my patience and my love for the people. At the beginning I was just angry and didn’t understand, but now vie realized more and more that getting angry or upset is not going to solve anything I just need to keep showing my love and care for them and support them. Plus getting discouraged just doesn’t help anything either. I’ve been getting discouraged with things not happening the way I want but I also know the Lord works in mysterious ways and not in the ways that we think most of the time. We just need to have hope and keep moving forward, I am really optimistic for these upcoming months, I kind of hope I stay one transfer more but it’s possible that in two weeks I will be transferred because I will have had 4 already in this area. 

So some cool experiences that happened this week. One is we were walking one day and I had a feeling to go and talk to a recent convert. We went to their house and they were busy but we set up and appointment for another day. One thing we haven’t been doing too well lately is working with the members and getting references from them. So we made a goal to visit at least one member every day to ask for as reference. Anyways we went the next day to visit this member. We taught a short lesson and asked if there was anyone who would maybe be interested in hearing our message. She said it was kind of funny that we came over because she has a friend who is struggling and could use the gospel in their life, she was actually just about to invite that friend to church before we had come over. So now we have an appointment with her and with her friend to introduce her to the gospel. It was definitely a prompting of the spirit to visit that sister and to ask for that reference, of that I have no doubt. 

Another kind of funny story is that we stopped at a little store to buy some carbon paper to do receipts and we started talking to the owner and then we got on the topic of baptism and well we invited her to baptism right then and there after about 5 minutes. She actually accepted and accepted a date and said she would pray about it to receive a confirmation from God. We thought this was awesome and couldn’t really believe it. The weird thing though is that when we were leaving we realized we hadn’t asked her name yet. We asked and she wouldn’t give us her name. So we placed a baptismal date without knowing her name and then after she didn’t want to tell us. Maybe when we go back to visit her this week she will but I thought it was really weird. I guess you should always ask their name first. That’s kind of important haha. 

Well conference was just absolutely awesome!! I watch it in Spanish too and I actually understood quite a bit. I wouldn’t say 100% but it was up there that’s for sure. The only lame part is that we missed the first hour of the Sunday afternoon because the satellite went out, so I really don’t even know who spoke and what they were about. I will have to read them later when they come out next month. My favorite talks I think were by Elder Dube? (I think that’s his name) about how we shouldn’t look to the past and stay focused on the future and President Uchtdorf in the priesthood session. I think I like all of President Uchtdorf’s talks, they are just so awesome. I really loved all of conference and I didn’t want it to be over. But the next one will come soon enough. 

 Well I love you guys, loved pictures, love seeing Justin playing. I hope you guys have a great week. Love you lots!!
Elder Grigor
Elder Grigor with his companion
Elder Grigor outside the Cochabamba Temple
Elder Grigor. He loves going to the temple.

Yummy Conference snacks!
Elder Grigor with part of his Zone
Elder Grigor sleeping in the streets of Bolivia


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