Wednesday, 30 October 2013

You're not an average don't be an average missionary

October 14th, 2013

Well where to start, it seems like lots of things happened this week. I will start with a cool experience that happened. Well first I will start with that we had a baptism this week. His name is Fabio, he is 13 years old. His family got kicked out of their house and a member said they could come live with her while they look for a place to live. He is the oldest and has 1 sister and 3 brothers, and just his mom. So a while ago we decided to look in the area book for old investigators who had baptism dates or who had come to church a lot and hadn’t got baptized yet, we found the name of his mother and decided to go look for him. We also noticed that a member had gone to lessons with the missionaries before so we went to go look for this member. It turns out that when we went to her house the family that we were looking for was living with them because they had been kicked out of their house. So from there we started teaching the family and the very first lesson Fabio said he wanted to get baptized and he is really excited to have the priesthood and pass the sacrament and he really wants to go on a mission too. He is such a great guy and I’m so happy for him. We are still working with his mom, she sort of wants to get baptized but said that because she is having so many problems right now it’s just not a good time for her. But she is coming along slowly and coming to the chapel every week with her kids which is awesome. I’m so happy for their family and I really hope they keep progressing. 

So on the morning of his baptism nothing was going right. I was getting frustrated because the keys were nowhere to be found and there was no gas to heat up the water and honestly our mission leader wasn’t helping much and I just was angry. I wanted everything to be perfect for his baptism, I wanted the water to be warm and for it to start on time and to prepare everything perfectly. It was a really stressful morning. I finally just did what I always do when I get frustrated and I said a prayer that we would be able to figure out what to do so that the baptism would be great. As we showed up to the chapel it turns out the technician for the baptismal font was at the church randomly, not even to fix the pump but he was just there, so we asked him to fix the pump and he did it in like 5 minutes. Then the second counsellor showed up with a new tank of gas and within minute’s everything was set up and ready to go. I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers, and usually in many different ways. On Saturday he answered my prayers and I am so grateful for the power of prayer in my life. To be able to communicate with my father is an amazing gift, I can only write my family once a week but I can talk to my father in heaven anytime, anywhere.

Another interesting story that happened was when we were walking in the street and I saw an old man walking with what looked like the missionary pamphlets that we give out. He was walking slowly so we ran after him and started talking and asked him about the pamphlet that he had, we asked if he had talked to missionaries and if they had given it to him. He said yes. It was really weird because usually there aren’t other missionaries in our area so we thought it was strange that they had given it to him. I was curious who had given it to him so I looked on the back to see if they had written their names. And here’s the weirdest part, it was my name and my companion’s name. And it was my writing. I had never seen that man or talked with him before in my life. I have no idea how he got the pamphlet but it’s quite weird. My companion thinks it was the 3 Nephites doing work in our area. I doubt that though. We are going to visit him this week and hopefully we can find out a little bit more, because my mind is boggled. 

I also had an interview with the president this week. Every 3 months we have interviews with him, we talked a little bit about my companion and my area about my family and it was awesome, he also gave me some really good advice. I guess I hadn’t written down anywhere goals that I have for my mission. I have weekly and daily goals but I didn’t have any for my mission.  So he gave me some really great ideas and I made some great goals too. It kind of gave me a new perspective and purpose after I did that. Also something that he told me was "you’re not an average man, so don’t be an average missionary." That kind of hit me because it’s kind of true for everyone in the church and in really every calling. We as members are not average people, so we shouldn’t be average. We should be different and stick to our values and beliefs and the commandments we’ve been given and not fall into what everyone else is doing. I really liked that. 

Also, the package came!!!! That was such a great night and I was so happy when it finally got here. All the candy is great and I loved the letters and the supplies that I can give away to some investigators. There is a perfect family that we have that could really use some of those things. I am so grateful to the Curtis’s for sending it and I hope you can send my love and appreciation to them and tell them how truly grateful I am, it really means a lot. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
I feel like I’m forgetting something but I’ve said a lot. If I remember I will write it next week. I love you guys and all of your support, you guys are great and mean the world to me. I hope you guys will have a great week. Love you lots!!!

Elder Grigor
P-Day fun on the big slide
Elder Grigor eating a HUGE hot dog
Elder Grigor getting a package from the Curtis Family 

The wonderful package from the Curtis Family
Elder Grigor at Fabio's baptism
Elder Grigor and Fabio


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