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I knew the Lord would guide us

June 9th

Sup Fam,

Well this was a good week, it went by really fast I feel like I was just writing you guys but I’m glad that I get to do it again. So last p-day we went up to the Christ statue and it was pretty fun, we took lots of funny photos with the zone, it was my 3rd time up there and probably my last but I enjoyed it. 
We had a cool experience Monday night. We were walking home to eat about 8:50pm and we were like 10 minutes away so I wasn’t even thinking about talking to anyone.  My companion saw a lady who looked like she was struggling trying to fill in a little ditch by her house with a pickaxe. So he went over and asked if he could help and he started working and filling in her ditch. So then I just took the opportunity to talk to her about the gospel and invite her to church. She said she was looking for a church to join and was really interested and wanted us to come back to talk to her and her family. Taking just 10 extra minutes to help someone and share a small message made a big difference.If we would have just kept walking who knows what would have happened. That reminded me a lot about Jesus Christ and the 4th watch and that is when he comes to help us in that exact moment.
Another great experience was after our zone leader conference. We had about half an hour until dinner so we decided to go out and try to find someone. We went looking but no one was home and we didn’t really know where to go so we went to a member’s house to ask for a reference. It turns out that right as we showed up they were coming back from the hospital with their niece and her child from the hospital. Their niece’s son had heart surgery so they came to Cochabamba for the surgery from Oruro to get it done. We made it at the perfect time because she isn’t a member and we were able to help her with some of the worries that she was having and taught her the restored gospel. That was exactly what she needed at that moment. She said when she goes back to Oruro she is going to go to church and wants to get baptized. She knew she always needed to do it but was kind of scared and the missionaries never talked to her so she didn’t know what to do. I know the Lord put us in her path for a reason and I’m just glad we were able to follow the spirit to know where to go. Before leaving the house I just thought of 1 Nephi 4:6 and knew the Lord would guide us and that’s exactly what happened.
The rest of my week was also really awesome. I had my final interview with the president and it was really great. He gave me lots of good advice on life after the mission. He also said that having families come to pick up is often discouraged but that many have done it and it’s been a blessing. But I think I would like to just finish with my group and come back later just normally with all you guys and then you don’t have to come 2 times down here. I think it would be easier that way. He told me that the secret to a successful life is studying hard and paying your tithing and everything will be given. Also without even mentioning anything he told me I should probably try to study in Canada and not worry about going to BYU. I think that is what I am going to do and try to stay close to home more or less. I’ve been thinking a lot about U of L and U of A. Well I haven’t been thinking too much but those are my options for right now I think. It was a great interview I will definitely miss him.
Well that was pretty much my week. I got the package this week too. Thank you so much. I love the Frisbee, candy and the stain remover and everything, it made my day and my week, thank you so much. I love you guys lots, hope you have a great week, talk to you soon!!

Elder Grigor

Looking out over the City of Cochabamba

Elder Grigor - always posing for the camera

Visiting the Christ Statue "Cristo de la Concordia" 

Elder Grigor being a "pole" 

Having a good time in Cochabamba 

Elder Grigor blowing bubbles

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