Monday, 30 June 2014

It was sad to say goodbye to my Mission President

Hey Fam, 

So before I forget I’ve been thinking about Ray Goff over the past little while and I was wondering if you could get me his email or something like that, I wanted to write him and see how he’s doing. 

And well this week honestly was kind of tough, we were not very successful this week and that is kind of hard for me. We tried our best but the whole week no one was home and we had tons of appointments get cancelled and it seemed like no one wanted to talk to us so it was kind of lame, it might have been one of my worst weeks here. But the important thing is that we are working hard and trying our best so I guess thats all that matters. I guess we always need a unsuccessful week once in a while. All we can do is go up from here and try to be even better this week.

President Hansen is now here. I’ll probably get to meet him for the first time tomorrow or on Wednesday when I go to the office or at our leadership meeting that we are going to have on Wednesday with him. I’m really excited to get to know him and learn from him. It was pretty sad when President Dyer left. Our last conference with him was on Wednesday and we kind of just said goodbye and at the very end we all went up to give them a hug and say our last words more or less. What the President told me to start is "well, I wish we lived in the same country" after that it was just kind of a continuation of my last interview talking about school and life after the mission. I will really miss him, he has had a huge influence on me. Sister Dyer as well, she is such a great person and always willing to help and made some really good cookies. I will miss that for sure. Hopefully I will be able to make it down to a couple of reunions that they have in Utah with all of the missionaries. I’ll have to go to at least one I think. Hopefully I’ll be able to learn just as much from the new president.

An amazing experience we had this week was going to the temple with our converts for their very first time. We were able to see them be baptized and confirmed for many people who have been waiting for this opportunity. I know they helped change the lives of many people and I am so grateful for that and for their desire to serve others. One of the members who was there with us told us that now the chance of them going inactive is significantly smaller now that they have been in the house of the lord and have partaken of those ordinances. I know that is true and it is great to see them keep progressing on their way to becoming fully converted. When they were baptized a couple weeks ago they were about 50 lessons behind in seminary but they have been determined to catch up to the rest of the class and have done enough make up lessons to almost be at the same place as the rest. I think over these next couple weeks of vacation they will be able to catch up with the rest. I have also noticed the help from the leaders and members to make sure that they are retaining all those who have been baptized. It really all depends on the members and they are doing a great job. I am so grateful to see their changes that they have made to come closer to christ and to stay on the straight and narrow path. There is nothing I love to see more!

Although it wasn't the best week we still had many great experiences and I continue to grow everyday as a person and as a missionary, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be here. 

Thank you for your letters and the pictures. I loved every single one, I love you guys lots and we will be talking to you soon!! 

Elder Grigor

* Elder Grigor's camera is still not working properly so the pictures are kind of blurry and overexposed

Celebrating a birthday with donuts 

Saying goodbye to President and Sister Dyer 

Elder Grigor's worn out pants 

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