Monday, 30 June 2014

I love my mission.

June 16th 

Hey FAM!!!

Ok where to start, 
So first off I am not getting transferred. I was like 90% sure that I was going because that’s what everyone was telling me. But the president called last night and there were only 2 companionships that have changes so the zone is going to be almost exactly the same. We had to go to the district leader’s house to do all the numbers and receive the changes because someone accidentally walked into the baptismal font with the phone in his pocket….. So right now we don’t have a phone but we put it in rice and it should be drying out I hope. We are going to take it out tonight to see if it works, Ii not we will have to buy a new phone I think. I am going to be here in Villa Graciela for a long while still. I’m going to be with Elder M. until he finishes his mission and then I will have another companion to show him the area. This change was only 4 weeks so the next will be 8 and the next 6 so I’ve got about 14 more weeks here. I’ll have 18 months when I leave his area I think. But I’m quite happy about that. I really like my area and the members and my comp so we should have a good time here.
My week was really great. it was pretty busy but totally worth it. This Saturday we had 9 baptisms in our ward. The 4 from the other elders and 5 from me and my comp. The bishop told us that we had the most baptisms on one day than ever before. It was quite a great day. We had planned the baptism to start at 5 and almost everyone was there. We were just waiting for the family that we were going to baptize to show up but there was no sign of them. We were calling and they wouldn’t answer and we were actually pretty worried and didn’t know what to do so we just waited. Honestly I was getting pretty impatient because they were not showing up.  So at 6 I went with the bishop to look for them. They live way up on the hill so it took like 10 minutes just in the car to get there and we found them. What had happened is the 2 kids ages 8 and 5 had wandered off to go play at the park on the top of the hill and the parents had no idea where they went. I guess they had been looking for about 3 hours and had no Idea where they were but they finally found them and were able to make it down. We started a little late but they were all able to get baptized and it was a great night. The next day they all made it to the chapel to get confirmed, it was the first time I did it and I was pretty nervous but it all went well and there were no problems. It was really a great weekend.
We witnessed many miracles during this weekend. One was with Zulema. So my first day here in Villa Graciela we contacted Zulema buying Pilfrut at a store.  We gave her a pamphlet and made an appointment for later, she is probably the best investigator I have had in understanding and keeping her commitments. She was progressing so fast but her parents wouldn’t give her permission. We tried everything but nothing seemed to work so we just decided to let the lord do his work in his own time and we just waited. She kept coming to church and learning and she loved it. So this Friday we were studying and the phone rings.It was Zulema and she told us that she wanted to be baptized this Saturday with the rest of the people getting baptized. We knew she wanted to but she didn’t have permission.  This time she said she had permission so we went and did the interview, got permission from her parents and she was able to be baptized with the rest. That really was an answer to our prayers and I know the lord hears and answers and was able to soften the heart of her parents. It really was a miracle. I know the lord provided the way for this ordinance to be achieved. This and many more experiences let me know that God really lives and answers prayers.
Another miracle was with Andrea, she is the oldest in her family. She had a huge activity in her high school for graduation and was unsure if she would make it to the baptism.We tried all we could do to get her to come.  She said that she would but that it would be impossible to come to church the next day and that she would have to be confirmed later so that was the plan. Then Sunday came and she didn’t show up but the other 8 were there and we were just walking up to confirm them all when out of nowhere she showed up to church and was able to be confirmed. She also stayed for the whole meeting and the rest of the classes. She told us that she had to go or they would take marks off and that it was mandatory. I really don’t know what changed but I know that the lords hand was very hard at work to make it that she could make it to church. I’m not sure how it happened but it happened and I am very thankful to the lord for that miracle that we were able to see. 
I love the mission, I love my area, I love my comp, I love you guys.
Hope you have a great week,

Elder Grigor

Elder J. and Elder Grigor 


Elder Grigor with everyone that was baptized 

What a great day! 

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